Notice of Claim to sue the New York City Human Resources Administration.


Mark Pine 

December 29, 2022.

First and foremost I always treat everyone from the New York Courts, HRA, the NYC Comptroller’s Office, etc., with the absolute utmost respect at all times. 

That is more important than any of this. 

I’m going to be suing New York City for the rest of my life because New York City law enforcement is never going to stop teasing, harassing, and sabotaging me. 

I would like to sue the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) for $150,000.

HRA cut off my MetroCard money. 

I’m a full time student at Baruch College CUNY. 

Every week I receive money from HRA to purchase a one week unlimited MetroCard. 

For some reason the MetroCard money is canceled for next week and going forward.

I contacted HRA about it on December 23, 2022. I received the following confirmation number. 

Your City of New York Correspondence Number is #1-1-6078274

There is a chance that HRA cut off all student’s MetroCard money for the winter break or holiday. 

If that’s the case then I’m wrong. 

If all college public assistance students are receiving their MetroCard money during the winter holiday and only mine has been cut off then I’m going to sue. 

I contacted a few government agencies about the HRA MetroCard money and no one has responded which seems a little strange. 

I’m not 100 percent sure about this one because I don’t know anyone that goes to college in New York City that is on public assistance. 

Law enforcement sabotages almost every move I make. 

Rich people I grew up with pay the NYPD and others to tease, harass, and sabotage me every day. 

I contacted the CCRB, NYPD IA, and the NYC DOI; they can’t stop New York City law enforcement from teasing, harassing, and sabotaging me every day. 

That is why I want to be sure that I’m not the only public assistance student that had their MetroCard money shut off for the winter holiday. 

I contacted the HRA Commissioner’s Office about the situation and didn’t hear back yet. 

I hope I’m wrong. 

Could you imagine if out of all the college students in New York City that the NYPD or another law enforcement agency went to HRA and threatened HRA to shut off my MetroCard only?

New York City law enforcement has run scams like that on me several times before. 

I’m about to sue the NYPD next month. 

Please let me know if you require any additional information from me.

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine

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Mark Pine

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