Opinion: Email to medical company. 3/19/2022 10 AM.



Thank you for the amazing service you provide to New York City and the United States.

First and foremost I always treat all your staff with the utmost respect at all times. That is regardless of how they treat me.

Your company is an asset to New York City. We are lucky to have you.

For the most part, your staff is very friendly. Unfortunately today that was not the case.

The doctor that helped me today was a little rude. I treated the doctor respectfully. I did not sink to the doctor’s level.

Long story short, last night someone chased me into a store on East 34 Street and tried to attack me. The whole thing was recorded on the security video at the store. The NYPD showed up and took my information for a police report. 

The person who chased me into the store drugged me with some type of smoke. I still feel it now and it happened last night.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t have a criminal record. I don’t do anything illegal.

I treat people respectfully regardless of how they treat me.

Not saying this would happen but if one of your staff poured a can of paint on my head I wouldn’t react negatively. I would say thank you, leave, and report it if it was caught on video.

I treated todays doctor with the utmost respect even when the doctor insulted me for no reason. I can care less that the doctor today treated me disrespectfully. I’m just letting you know just in case the doctor gets more complaints about how the doctor treats people you will know that a lot of people are complaining. If I’m the only one, then it’s no big deal too because I’m never going to mention it again.

If I am assigned the same doctor again in the future I will continue to treat that doctor with the utmost respect regardless if the doctor continues to insult me for no reason.

I value my relationship with your company more than one person insulting me who doesn’t even know me. 

Thank you again for the stellar service you provide for New York City. Everyone who is working for the medical field in New York City deserves to be treated like gold by the patients. The service is that crucial and great.

Publically, I have the utmost praise for your company to anyone I ever speak with. I highly recommend you.

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine

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Mark Pine

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