Opinion: Email to a professor about maintaining my privacy amongst students during a class speech. February 12, 2022.


Greetings Professor,

I am loving the information I’m learning in this class. It’s actually fun. I feel like I’m almost taking an acting class. 

I just turned in discussion board homework 3 and I’m working on the speech. 

I was curious if I have to use my full name in my speech – Mark Pine ? 

I try to maintain my privacy from students when possible due to the alarming number of complaints from students against students in New York colleges every year. If I’m correct the number is in the thousands just in New York every year.

There has been New York education staff saying the situation is out of control.  

Almost 4K sexual violence complaints made at New York colleges (nypost.com)

I have literally had students start to yell and scream at me in the middle of CUNY classes that I have absolutely no idea who they are and never said one word to the person. Nor have I ever made one statement in a class that was even borderline controversial. 

It’s also been stated that students that don’t have wealthy parents, such as me, who can cut the check to lawyers to fend off false or true accusations are the ones who get in trouble when complaints are logged against them. 

If I have to share my full name during the speech of course I’ll gladly do it. Your one of my favorite professors, the class flies by. If I’m allowed to use just my first name or change my last name, I would prefer that if possible. If not it’s no big deal I just wanted to ask. 

Please advise. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine

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