Opinion: NYC law enforcement and their plainclothes scam team are harassing me around the clock in the subway.


I highly suspect that people I know are paying NYC law enforcement to harass me every day. When I walk around New York City, I walk on the side of the road. It’s dangerous but I don’t feel like I have a choice. If I walk on the sidewalk NYC law enforcement has their plainclothes scam team cut me off, crash into me, shove their phones in my face, spit in my face, point in my face, and yell at me. 

Disclaimers: If you have an emergency call NYPD 911. Verify everything yourself. Use this information at your own risk. All information is subject to change. I’m not an attorney. 

NYC law enforcement’s scam team also puts their hands on their heads and forms a wall in front of me to block me from walking. NYC law enforcement has their scam team follow me into the street and harass me with cars and trucks almost hitting us all. 

I have notified hundreds of government agencies that I suspect that someone or multiple people are going to get run over because of NYC law enforcements scam team and to please help. So far I haven’t heard a response. I’ve contacted the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, several US Attorneys’ offices, New York City Council offices, etc. 

In the New York City subway, I don’t have the street to escape. New York City law enforcement has their regular clothes scam team running in circles around me and shoving their phones in my face with multiple people recording it with their cell phones. 

New York City law enforcement has people waiting behind blind spots crashing into me and shoving their phones in my face. 

New York City law enforcement has girls that unofficially work for them crashing into me from the front and back at the same time while acting like they are under attack and fighting for their life. 

When I call NYPD 911, my calls are filtered to operators that harass me on the phone. I’ve also called NYC Safe, and I suspect there have been times late at night when I woke them up. 

If you Google what members of NYC law enforcement have been arrested and busted for in the last three to five years you will be shocked.

NYPD Internal Affairs blocked my phone number. The New York FBI blocked my phone number. The NYPD blocked my phone number.

Before anyone that works for NYC law enforcement gets excited, I always treat all members of NYPD with the utmost respect in person. The members of NYC law enforcement that I suspect people I know pay under the table, aren’t interacting with the public. They are behind the scenes.

I’m a student at Baruch College at The City University of New York. I never mention a word about any of this to anyone at Baruch College. There are thousands of places to report NYC law enforcement harassing me outside of school and I’m trying to contact them all.

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