A thank you email I sent to my gym.



X Gym is hands down the number one gym in the city.

Today I called the gym so I could pay a few months in advance. I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know that the customer service is a ten out of ten. The individual at the front desk could not have been friendlier, quickly charged my card for the exact amount I requested, and sent me an email receipt for my records.

One more thing. Tonight I showed up at another club and there was some drama happening at the front desk. Your team is amazing. There were customers who appeared to be complaining although I could be wrong because I always mind my business.

The customers were blocking the entrance so instead of trying to squeeze through, I simply left and told the people at the front desk I’ll be back in a half-hour.

I’m a very patient person. Also, I have a never-ending amount of schoolwork so I’m a few blocks away typing this note and working on essays. I always bring my A-game to all situations and treat all X Gyms, the team, and customers; with the utmost respect without exception.

X Gym is an exceptional company and I appreciate the service.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

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