Email to one of my professors at CUNY.


Good morning professor,

I finished the first draft of the second homework. I have an appointment with the writing center and I’m going to continue to improve the assignment up until it’s due on Thursday.

If you are able to take a quick look at what I have and provide feedback, that would be great. I understand you are very busy, I completely understand if you are unable to look at students assignments pre official submit.

I’m reading the textbook every day and I’m researching for my term paper.

When I was writing the assignment I had a few new questions. 

1. How much does the federal government send back to NYC out of the federal income taxes from NYC residents?

2. Where do the NYC sales tax and property taxes go? Do they go to the federal government or NYS government and then a percentage comes back?

3. What taxes does the NYS government (Albany) take from NYC and NYC residents besides state income taxes?

4. What other income does NYC have?

Any feedback you can provide would be great and I’m researching and studying to figure out everything as well.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

I love CUNY.

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