Web Marketing $100,000 per month plus expenses—presentation and promotion.


Mark Pine talking about web marketing services that he’s selling (YouTube video).

I work on companies:

Web presentation – website, videos, text, images.

Promotion – online advertising and other methods to increase visibility.

My curent rate is $100,000 per month plus expenses.

That is my fee, not the total cost.

You can spend $1 million an hour on ads.

When you call, text, or email me I’ll polietly and respectfully let you know if I’m still taking new clients.

I enjoy helping clients with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, WordPress, blogging, writing, videos, and more.

If I don’t do something myself, in many instances I’ll have a list of companies in that sector that I can manage with you.

Look at me as someone in between you and the craftspeople.

I will handle anything you would like on the web.

I’ll show your existing staff my web marketing strategies so they can get involved if necessary. 

I swing for the fences in a sophisticated manner.

If you don’t want to swing for the fences we won’t.

We can take the marketing slowly.

I help companies improve their presentation and content in addition to reaching new customers. 

One more thing.

People I grew up with pay the NYPD and other law enforcement to sabotage my every move.

If you decide to hire me as an independent contractor for marketing, law enforcement might contact you and tell you not to work with me.

I just want to add in that I have no criminal record.

I don’t do anything illegal.

I grew up around a few people who are connected with law enforcement and they pay the Police to harass and sabotage people. 


Results are not guaranteed.

Use this information at your own risk.

All information is subject to change. 

I’ll work with anyone, anywhere, although I’m not leaving New York City.

One month equals 100 hours in total.

Mark Pine

450 Lexington Ave Unit 1375

New York, NY 10163

(917) 815-5415