Email to the New York FBI and the NYC Comptrollers Office.



I treat everyone at CUNY, HRA, the NYC Comptroller’s office, USPS, etc. with the utmost respect at all times. Rich people I know from New York pay New York law enforcement hundreds of thousands of dollars to run scams. I suspect anyone who works for the government that tries to stop them is sabotaged. If you would like examples, I can provide them privately. I don’t want to get sued for defamation. 

The NYPD has blocked my phone number from calling NYPD police headquarters and several other NYPD phone numbers. Apparently, they know who I am but they won’t stop harassing me. Anytime I call NYPD 911 my calls are routed to specific operators who try to pick fights with me on the phone to divert attention away from the reason I’m calling. 

The NYPD also has individuals who they are using to try and sabotage me who don’t work for the NYPD pick up NYPD 911 and pretend they work for the police. I suspect they have a small number of CUNY staff who the NYPD is connected with sometimes pick up NYPD phone lines when I call to try and obtain audio of me arguing with CUNY staff which I never would. 

I am now publishing my exact location several times a day and inviting the public to watch New York law enforcement and their civilian team harass me. Hopefully one day someone will catch something on video and it will go viral. 

I have called the New York FBI (212) 384-1000 X 1 and X 6 thousands of times. They route my calls to operators that try and pick fights with me on the phone the same way NYPD 911 does. 

I have called NYPD 911 over 10,000 times. I have met with internal affairs in person and the CCRB. They act like my civilian enemies and their New York law enforcement partners will have them killed if they help me. I’ll be honest, I don’t blame them. 

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

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