Email to my gym about people ripping the ties off the lockers.


Greetings Crunch Fitness,

As I always say, I love X gym. I tell everyone I know that it’s amazing. I wanted to include that I believe X gym and your staff at the locations are doing a phenomenal job under the circumstances. I can’t imagine how much goes into running each one of the gyms. 

I wanted to send a follow-up email regarding the lockers. Some of the members are definitely ripping off a few of the plastic ties from the lockers. It makes it difficult to know which lockers are for use and which aren’t. 

I simply wanted to go on the record that I’d never rip a tie off a locker. If I ever show up to any of your locations and all the lockers are full, I’ll just come back later or visit another location. 

I plan on being a member at X gym for years to come. I would not jeopardize my relationship with X gym or anyone for that matter. I’m never leaving New York, I’m going to be here forever. 

Thank you again for running the #1 gym in New York City. 

Have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

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Mark Pine

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