Letter to my college and HRA

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People I know pay the NYPD to harass me and others. The reason for this email is that they go into all my email and social media accounts every single day. If any disrespectful emails are sent to anyone at CUNY or HRA from any of my accounts please forward them to me so I can send them to the NYPD internal affairs. I hope it doesn’t happen but if it does it’s not me.

The NYPD will make up any lie to sabotage me. If I had any criminal record I would be out of here right now. I earned a 4.0 at CUNY last semester with 15 credits. That is with the NYPD torturing me. I don’t expect help from anyone. I’m going to get myself out of this mess. I’m reporting it because the NYPD is looking for any lie to sabotage me with CUNY, HRA, and everywhere else.

I’m always respectful to everyone at all times regardless of how they treat me. I have had some arguments with the NYPD on the phone but that is about it. I’m at school right now studying, even though classes are canceled until next week. I’m going for another 4.0 or at least 3.0. That is with the NYPD torturing me and plotting to starve me to death with unlimited resources. Believe me, I have taken hits from them that I will carry with me forever regardless of what happens. They made sure of that.

Thank you and have a good day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

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