I’m trying to remove my old YouTube channel from my first page Google search results.

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My old YouTube channel had the YouTube.com/user/. My new YouTube is just YouTube.com/markpine360 without the user in the URL. It’s shorter and quicker for people to type and remember. For some reason, Google has not updated my search results. My old YouTube channel is still at the top of the Google search for my name (Mark Pine). I’m not going to get to upset about it. I’ve been doing everything I can to move the old channel out and the new channel in.

My Google search results with my old YouTube channel. I’m trying to update my new YouTube channel into that space. My new YouTube channel has a shorter URL and that is why I switched over to it. The new URL matches most of my other social media URLs.

This is the reason that when I provide marketing services for companies and individuals I’m always very careful upfront. I write into the invoice that results are not guaranteed. I will do my best, although there are factors outside of my control. I have had people dangling checks in my face asking me to guarantee things and I always say no. I can’t guarantee how multi-billion-dollar companies are going to react. Sometimes they move how I anticipate, other times they don’t.

I switched all the videos on my old YouTube channel to private. I removed all the links and text (bio) from my old YouTube channel. I searched through all my social media pages and removed the links to my old YouTube channel. I had a link from Facebook to my old YouTube channel that I removed. There were a few other links I noticed which were pointing to my old YouTube channel. I removed them all. The reason I don’t want to erase the old channel all together is that I might want to use some of the videos I made private in the future. I also changed the name of the channel from Mark Pine to not using. 

This is the about page on my new YouTube profile.

In addition to blogs, I record vlogs. I upload the vlogs into YouTube and share them to my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media websites. If you Google the name Mark Pine, my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram are all on the first page. For some reason, I can’t get the old YouTube out and the new YouTube in. The YouTube you are seeing there is the old one. I’m confident eventually Google will update the old YouTube for the new one. 

I believe Google likes websites and social media websites that update with original content. I’m going to continue to post on my vlog, add videos to my YouTube and embed the YouTube videos into my blog posts. I’m 43 years young. I have been providing marketing services for companies for a long time. I should have been blogging and vlogging the whole time. I suspect my numbers would have been great by now. Instead, I went for the easy checks to help other people with their marketing and neglected my own marketing. I should have done both. Well, it’s better late than never.

I’m using my blog and vlog for various reasons. I want to promote what I’m doing and thinking, to accelerate my career. My goals are to create startups, provide occasional marketing services for clients and share interesting and uplifting information on my blog. I might just continue to create blog posts and videos myself without any help. Who knows, one day I might have hundreds or thousands of people helping me create content for markpine.com. That would be nice. 

Trying to move this YouTube link reminds me of helping clients with reputation management. I always tell everyone upfront that results are not guaranteed. I could write thousands or tens of thousands of words trying to explain reputation management. Because there are so many layers with reputation management, I like to share the strategies with clients and get everyone on the same page. This way everyone knows what to expect or not to expect. For example, the situation with this old YouTube link not moving right now. It hasn’t been too long so hopefully, it will update soon. 

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