Email to my Baruch College Professor April 12, 2022.

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Greetings Professor, 

Thank you very much for your consideration since the beginning of class. Now I know why you’re one of the most respected professors on the web. That’s why I signed up for the class in the first place. 

Now that I have taken exam one I have an excellent understanding on how to prepare for the second exam. 

I am going to study at least 1 to 3 hours per day every day starting tomorrow until the next exam. If necessary, I’m more than happy to study 3 to 5 hours per day if that’s what it takes. 

Spring break is perfect to study because I’m going to be doing schoolwork every day and I don’t have to take breaks for classes. 

If I’m correct tomorrow is the day you will assign exactly what poems and stories for the class to be ready to analyze for the exam. As it stands now I have the 2 stories and 3 poems we analyzed.

I have all the PDFs you posted printed out and I’m going to double check again tonight. I’m at school right now so I can print anything I might be missing. 

I’m going to read and hand write the material over and over until I know it inside and out.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine 

Question for my college math professor.

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Greetings Professor,

I just signed up for a Math class of yours next semester. 

The last time I took Math was approximately 25 years ago. I passed the Accuplacer to get into CUNY and that was about it. 

I don’t know anything about Math. I’m a journalism major. The reason I’m contacting you is to see if there is anything I can do now to start getting ready for class? 

I don’t know what the rules are about asking a professor if there is anything I can do to start preparing early. I contacted a professor that teaches Spanish and the professor told me what the textbook is going to be early so I guess it’s allowed and up to the professor’s discretion. 

In addition to not having taken any math for 25 years, I also know we have about a month off between this semester and when we start next semester. I am trying to figure out ways to use that month productively. If there is anything I can do to brush up on my math or start studying please let me know. I contacted the math department to ask them too. I’ll also search Google and YouTube.  

If you can provide any guidance or feedback that would be excellent. If not it’s no big deal. I look forward to taking your class. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine 

How to potentially succeed in math and other subjects at college and high school.

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In addition to your current studies, always study for the next year or next semester’s math in advance. Contact your school, math department, get videos, and books. Find out what information you can find out about the math you are going to have to learn next. 

The earlier you start, the more time your brain has to digest the material. You should be studying for high school math in middle school, college math in high school, and keep staying ahead of the game. Take your time, relax, and start absorbing the information at your own pace. Instead of following celebrities, playing video games, drinking, and vaping; spend time learning the next math you are going to have to face and studying for every subject early.

It’s August 2020 and my school doesn’t start until September 14, 2020. I contacted all my teachers, the various departments, and advisors at the CUNY college I attend in New York City. I gathered information about what math I’m going to be required to learn, and some of my teachers told me what textbooks to buy a month or more before class starts. 

Do you know how good it feels to be this far ahead of the game at school? It feels amazing. I like to keep school drama free at all times. I have a 4.0 GPA at college after 27 credits. Even if my GPA drops down to 3.5 in the future the main thing is I’m always ahead of the game and I’m never stressing. I can’t be as creative when I’m racing a school deadline at the last minute. 

When I’m assigned any type of homework, essay, etc. I jump on it immediately. I don’t care if it’s not due for a month or months. I’ll knock it out in a few days or a week. Then I will email it to the library, writing center, and my teacher. I always ask for the teacher’s permission if I can utilize the library and writing center before I send it to them. 

After I get the feedback, I upgrade the paper and submit it for an A. When people see you focusing on schoolwork and applying yourself, doors might open and you will have momentum on your side. I enjoy school and it’s definitely helping me become a better entrepreneur. In my humble opinion, nothing is difficult when you have extra time to spend with the material. There might be a lot of memorization in certain classes. Again, the more you forge ahead the better. 

I’ve been studying for Algebra and Trigonometry for more than a year before I signed up to take it. I’m not showing up for class and having the teacher drop the whole world on my head the first day and playing catch up the whole semester. That’s not how you succeed. Start studying now for everything and position yourself for success. 

More tips:

  1. When writing essays, I Google the phrase synonym for X. That way I don’t keep repeating the same words in my papers. To illustrate, I got the two words to forge ahead from that method. 
  2. If you don’t want to use a million pieces of paper when practicing math, you can use a tablet, or you can write in pencil and have a big eraser. That’s what I’m doing instead of writing in pen and going through loads of paper. 
  3. One final trick is when I write essays in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, I make the font size 14 or 18 so I can actually see what I’m writing. I have 20/20 eyesight. Regardless, the 12 font size is too small for me when I’m writing. I’ll change the font to 18 and then convert it back when I turn it in. Usually, teachers ask for a size 12 font. I find it more pleasurable to write in 18. 
  4. Research everything early, stop waiting until the last minute or when things are even close. 
  5. The world is not coming to an end. Position yourself for success. 
  6. I think everyone should obtain a real estate salesperson’s license. That’s is my humble opinion. 
  7. Research companies in your state, the US, and the whole world. See what people are doing to earn money. You might find something you like. 
  8. If you want to make a positive change in the world one idea is to land a job working for the government. 

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