Opinion: Email to the Queens Public Library on August 7, 2022.


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Let us know: Greetings, I think you all are doing a great job running the libraries. I’m not here to complain. I just wanted to mention something real quick. I am hanging out in Long Island City, it’s August 7, 2022. In the past two hours, I have seen about 20 people bring their dogs to defecate and urinate on the Hunters Point Library front lawn. I’m suggesting the library put some type of fence around the front lawns because for some reason people are hell-bent on trashing the lawns in front of the Hunters Point branch. I don’t have a dog so I don’t know why they are doing it. Maybe dogs need grass to go to the bathroom, I don’t know. All I know is that it isn’t sanitary for anyone to bring young children on the lawn in front of the Hunters Point library. I know you have a lot to deal with, especially these days. Thank you again for the stellar services you provide. Have a great day.

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Opinion: Email to the Queens Public Library about the NYPD harassing me. January 11, 2022.


Disclaimers: This is my opinion. Use this information at your own risk. All information is subject to change. If you have an emergency call 911. Please verify everything yourself.

Greetings Queens Public Library, 

Long story short, people I know pay New York City law enforcement to harass and sabotage me every day. 

I just wanted to go on the record right now. Anytime I’m at any of the Queens Public Library locations I keep to myself. If for some reason I interact with your staff I am concise, respectful, and only answer the questions they ask me. 

I never speak with any nonstaff at the Queens Public Library. I keep to myself. 

I have a hearing about suing the NYPD that was set up by the New York City Comptroller’s office coming up in a couple of months. That is how serious the situation is between the NYPD and me. 

A member of the NYPD could walk into the Queens Public Library right now and I would not say one word to the person unless asked. I’m not looking to make a bad situation worse. I respectfully interact with NYPD patrol cops often. 

Members of the NYPD and their regular clothes lie and scam team runs around the city and tries to sabotage me every day. 

The NYPD and their scam team tell people to say Mark Pine is rude, he smells, and he has outbursts. 

The reality of the situation is the exact opposite. I treat everyone with the utmost respect and I keep to myself. I shower every day and I clean my clothes regularly.

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine