Email to the Legal Aid Society of Nassau County about the District Attorney.



The Nassau County District Attorney sent me an email telling me to stop contacting them (they wrote cease and desist). They said any evidence or information I want to share for the case to send to you. I attached a copy of the email the Nassau County District Attorney sent me. 

I am delighted with the help I have received from you. I was sending the evidence to both you and directly to the Nassau County District Attorney because I suspect you are handling several cases simultaneously. 

  Also, after someone went into my email and erased evidence, I like how when I send evidence to the Nassau County District Attorney I get an official confirmation email back that includes what I wrote.

I was calling the Nassau County Attorney for months or years trying to get help before I was arrested because people I know pay the Nassau County Police to harass me. The NCDA avoids my calls and never responds. Now I’m sending them evidence and they are threatening me to stop sending them evidence. 

My question to you is can I continue to send them evidence directly? Or should I only send it to you. Whatever the law is, I’ll follow. What’s the law or proper procedure? 

Also, how long do I have or when is the cutoff date to submit all the evidence I have to defend myself? I believe you said 90 days? What is the date of the last day I can submit evidence to defend myself? 

Thank you again for the help. I understand that normally your services would cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. 

Please advise regarding if I should stop sending the remaining evidence that the police didn’t or can’t erase directly to the Nassau County District Attorney. 

The interesting thing is that the Nassau County District Attorney usually never responds to me. I have a feeling that something I sent them created a ton of extra work for them which is why they threatened me to stop sending them more evidence. 

The police know I have thousands of emails to various law enforcement and government agencies going back years reporting that the police will not stop harassing me. 

Please advise what I should do moving forward. Whatever you advise is what I will follow. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine