The United States Government does the same exact thing that Russia does in the movie Red Sparrow.

People I know pay the NYPD, New York law enforcement and others to torture people they don’t like. I grew up in Hewlett and Woodmere on Long Island in New York. I also grew up in Westhampton, New York, and New York City. I grew up around a lot of millionaires. That was back when a million dollars actually meant something. Just kidding, it still does. Not as much as twenty years ago, although I wouldn’t mind having a million dollars in my bank account right now. That would be nice. 

The first thing the Police does is put the target under a microscope. They look at your bank records, without a warrant of course. They put you under 24-7 surveillance. If they find you doing anything illegal, it’s a wrap, you’re toast. They will tamper with your food to make you gain weight. They will sabotage you at your job. If you have your own business they will sabotage your business contacts. If they discover any easy way for them to set you up, they will.