I have to detail the cointelpro scam the NYPD and their civilian team just ran on me in the Grand Central subway. 

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I was just sleeping on the steps at the Grand Central subway when the NYPD and their civilian team ran a nice scam on me. The date/time of the incident was Tuesday, April 27, 2021, at about 12:15 AM. 

I was comfortably sleeping on the steps in the subway. Two young adults, probably in their teens or twenties, sat down next to me. The Grand Central subway is not busy at all right now. It’s a large subway station. There were plenty of places to sit but now the staircase I’m on is blocked because of the two people sitting next to me. 

They got my attention. I opened my eyes and saw them there. I didn’t say one word to them. The NYPD and their civilian team harass me constantly, so I’m used to it. 

I said to myself, I can get up and move to another staircase but what’s the point, the NYPD and their civilian team will follow me to the next staircase and tease and harass me there. I just closed my eyes and turned my head and went back to sleep. 

A few minutes later a police officer woke me up and said to move. Now, this is where the cointelpro scam begins. 

When I stand up I see there are two NYPD officers and the two young adults that sat next to me blocking anyone from going up or down. I did not say a word to any of them. I just walked away.

One of the NYPD officers tried to crash into me when I was walking away. That is their signature move. I avoided him. 

Also, the two young adults who I suspect might be members of the NYPD civilian lie and scam team were staring at me trying to get a negative look out of me. 

The cointelpro scam was the NYPD was trying to make it look like there was some type of issue between the two young adults and myself. What they know about me is that I don’t react and I can care less.

Millionaires I know pay the police to harass lots of people and I’m one of them. It’s the reality of the situation and I’m playing the cards I’m dealt. There is no point in crying about it. 

As far as the two young adults that were trying to pick a fight with me, I ignored them like always. The NYPD has tons of civilians running scams trying to pick fights with me constantly. 

That’s how desperate the NYPD is to sabotage and set me up. They know I don’t do anything illegal. I never react when the NYPD has people physically attack me, spit in my face, rob me, destroy my property, shove their phones in my face, cut me off, crash into me, etc. 

Now the NYPD’s strategy is to try and get a negative look out of me with a couple of civilians who work for them standing in front of me.

The NYPD scammed me again tonight in the Grand Central subway station.

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My unlimited MetroCard from school.

I’m a college student. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t have a criminal record. For the past few days, it’s been freezing in New York City. Usually, I sleep in chairs on subway platforms in Midtown Manhattan. When most subway stations are too cold, I’ll sleep sitting up on the steps inside the Grand Central subway or other subway stations in Midtown. When the Police say move, I move. Tonight for some reason, they wrote me tickets.

After sleeping on the steps inside Grand Central Station for a few hours, I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. I walked outside and went to the bathroom. When I was going back into the Grand Central subway station, I swiped the unlimited MetroCard that my college provides for me. 

The card said just used. I had not used the card for hours. I don’t understand how it said just used. I was cold, and I just woke up after sleeping on steps. 

I jumped the turnstile. In retrospect, I should have asked the person who worked in the subway to let me in.

A minute or two later, two transit cops stopped me. They said they were from NYPD Transit District 4. They wrote me a ticket for sleeping on the steps, and they wrote me a ticket for jumping the turnstile. 

I don’t understand why they didn’t write me the ticket for sleeping on the steps until after coming back in. What if I didn’t go back to Grand Central Station after going to the bathroom outside?

 I told the Police officers that I have an unlimited MetroCard, and it didn’t work. One of the Police officers took my MetroCard and walked off with it. He came back and said it was used before I walked outside to go to the bathroom. 

I don’t understand how that is possible because I was sleeping. I was inside Grand Central Station for hours. 

In addition to sleeping, I used the subway station’s free Wi-Fi. Currently, I’m an A student at a CUNY school. One more A, and I’m on the Dean’s List. 

Then one last thing happened I want to mention. I pulled out my CUNY (current, not expired) school ID. The Police officer didn’t want my CUNY ID.

He wanted to write me up using my welfare ID from HRA (New York City public assistance). That is why I suspect the whole thing was another scam from the NYPD. 

The NYPD doesn’t want to paint the picture of me as a college student with an unlimited Metrocard from school. They want to paint the picture of me as a homeless person, jumping the turnstile and blocking the steps. 

People I know from New York pay the NYPD to torture me. They have women try to set me up for leering and stalking. They have women and men try and pick fights with me all the time. They have written me thousands of dollars in tickets. 

More later.

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