Opinion: Email to one of the banks I use.


Greetings Bank,

This has nothing to do with your bank.

I’m just alerting you to a situaiton.

I don’t bring this up to anyone at your retail locations.

People I know pay New York City law enforcement to harass me every day.

One of the things that law enforcement does that most people don’t know about is pay civilians or people that don’t work for the government or law enforcement to run around in regular clothes and scam people.

For example, law enforcement has women and men blow drug smoke in my face, crash into me, shove their phones in my face, rob me, pretend they are with me, and many other scams.

In my opinion, New York City law enforcement doesn’t have any oversight at all.

The US Attorney Southern District of New York, the Manhattan District Attorney, the New York City FBI, the NYPD and many others blocked my phone number and email.

I was just about to enter one of your ATM’s on May 13, 2023 at about 6:50 AM.

As usual New York City law enforcement can’t resist running another scam on me. It’s Saturday morning in the Grand Central area.

There are hardly any people out on the street.

When I was opening the door to the ATM with my card there was someone hiding behind me, waiting for the door to open.

The minute I opened the door with my card the person ran up behind me and grabbed the door before it closed.

I just went around the person and walked out.

I’m not claiming the person was there to rob me.

I’m claiming the person was there to harass me.

Maybe the person is a drug dealer, child molester, or something like that.

I’m not saying every person I interact with in New York City is working for law enforcement in regular clothes.

I’m saying that sometimes it’s more obvious then others.

For example, I’ve been robbed dozens of times in New York City.

You can look up one of the times I was robbed because someone stole my bank card and took it to a high crime area.

The thief used my card several times until your security feature shut off the card.

Again this has nothing to do with your bank.

Anytime someone in regular clothes starts harassing me at your bank or any store for that matter, I just ignore the person or people and walk away.

I never mention any of this to the people at your retail locations, only corporate here.

I just wanted to point out whats going on.

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine