Mark Pine



Mark Pine Startups

There are several startups I’m trying to launch. 

Some are in the real world. 

Others are websites, apps, and digital. 

  1. Search engine startup – I want to create a web search engine. Interactive, fun, and customizable. 
  2. I would like to create social media websites and apps. 
  3. I would like to create a video social network. Allow people to monetize their videos. 
  4. I would like to create food startups in the real world. Markets and supermarkets that sell food directly to consumers via retail. 
  5. I would like to create food startup apps and websites. Connect individuals with food distributors and producers. Help people get into the food production industry.
  6. I would like to create a real estate startup that develops condos and homes.
  7. I would like to create a real estate startup that helps people obtain a real estate salesperson’s license. Online real estate school. 
  8. I would like to create various entertainment projects that are educational and uplifting. 
  9. I would like to create web video projects. 
  10. I would like to create a direct sales company. 
  11. I would like to create a clothing company. 
  12. I would like to create a charity or nonprofit that helps people obtain government-issued licensees. For example, help people obtain a New York State real estate salespersons license. 
  13. I would like to create a transportation app with bullet-resistant vehicles and armed drivers. 
  14. I would like to create various theater startups.
  15. I would like to create an email service. The focus is once you send an email, it can’t be erased.

Mark Pine Startup Strategy

  1. My strategy is to create dozens or hundreds of individual companies that are not connected with each other. 
  2. Some of the companies might overlap. 
  3. I don’t care if some of the companies compete with each other. 
  4. I’m not signing any non-compete clauses. 
  5. My goal is to create various size companies so accredited investors can invest the amount they can afford to lose if things don’t work out. 
  6. My goal is to spell everything out with partners and investors in advance, therefore everyone knows what to expect. For example, where the money is going.  
  7. I will disclose all the details about my life and financial situation to investors. For example, I have horrible credit, no money, I’m on welfare, and I’m living in the street homeless.

Mark Pine About

I’m not an attorney. 

I’m 45 years old. 

I have provided web marketing services for companies. 

I don’t have a criminal record. 

I don’t drink. 

I don’t smoke. 

I don’t date. 

I don’t do anything illegal. 

I have horrible credit. 

Opinion: people I know pay New York City law enforcement to harass me every day. 

Anyone who even thinks about helping me is immediately contacted by New York City law enforcement and is asked to either stop helping me, or New York City law enforcement will ask you to help them sabotage me more. 

Mark Pine

450 Lexington Ave Unit 1375 

New York, NY 10163

(917) 815-5415 website




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  1. Results are not guaranteed. 
  2. Startups are risky. 
  3. The majority of startups fail or earn less money than expected. 
  4. All information is subject to change. 
  5. Just because Mark Pine sends you this email doesn’t mean he wants to do business with you. 
  6. Mark Pine is only looking to raise money from professional accredited investors. 
  7. Mark Pine is not desperate to do a deal. 
  8. I need to consult with attorneys to iron out the details plus figure out the laws and best strategies for the deals.