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Be polite when you’re contacting people and companies.

I’m at Whole Foods in Garden City, Long Island. I was using my debit card and it took a few tries for it to work. The reason is that the debit card is slightly scratched. 

I was sending a secure message to my bank and I thought I’d create a blog post about it. The following is the message I sent to my bank:


Can you please send me a new debit card with the same number? I still have my current debit card and it’s working. Don’t cancel my current card. 

Please just send me a new fresh one before the current one stops working because it’s a little scratched. If you require any additional information please let me know. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine

I contact companies all the time via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the corporate support pages on their websites. Sometimes I’m in a rush. There are instances when I’m unhappy with the product or service. 

Regardless of what is going on I always slow down a little bit while I’m sending the request or information to the company. I make sure my message is clear. More importantly, I always go out of my way to construct the note to be ultra respectful. 

The same thing goes for when I’m contacting the staff and professors at The City University of New York. Anytime I send a message to a staff member at my college I go above and beyond to be respectful. I also take my time to make sure the message is clear so they know what I’m requesting. 

In my humble opinion, if you go through life sending half-written emails and messages to people that give the impression that you’re stressed out, people are not going to respect you. Moreover, you can potentially miss out on important details. 

Be friendly. Be polite. Be respectful. Be clear. You never know who is going to be reading your messages and emails. Furthermore, you might miss out on crucial information if you are sending out the wrong impression while reaching out to people. 

Regardless of what is going on, it’s safe to say the person fielding your messages didn’t create the problem you are inquiring about. If someone gives you an attitude, ignore it. Continue to treat the individual with the utmost respect, keep it brief and professional, then move on.

Someone giving you an attitude is not an excuse to act disrespectfully. Bring them up to your level and move on. 

Life New York City Opinion

Email to a professor at Baruch College about not interacting with students.

Greetings Professor,

I signed up for your class. 

I have a quick question. Is there interaction between students? The reason I’m asking is that I try to maintain my privacy as much as possible. 

I love the subject and your reviews as a professor are amazing. I just want to avoid any classes where I’m going to have to interact with students via video calls and my phone. I’ll interact with professors. I don’t want to interact with students. 

The environment is so strict these days in regards to tossing students out of school for misunderstandings, I don’t even want to be in a position where there can be a misunderstanding. That goes for female and male students. 

I want to keep to myself, study hard, learn, and graduate. 

I have been harassed by at least three students for absolutely no reason. I just ignore it. After so many instances of being harassed by students, my strategy at school is to try and avoid those types of classes where I have to interact with students. 

I can easily meet people outside of school. I don’t want to meet anyone at school besides professors and Baruch College staff. 

I’m always friendly and respectful to everyone including students. With that being said, I’m not going out of my way to meet students. 

Please advise. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

I always treat everyone with the utmost respect. Treating people respectfully is more important than anything. I love The City University of New York. 

Life New York City Opinion

Email to my gym about customers not respecting the environment.

Greetings X gym,

More important than anything, I treat all your staff with the utmost respect at all times. For the most part, I keep to myself. The interaction I have with your team is always respectful as I treat everyone. The X gym employees at the gym are the best in the business.

As I’ve mentioned several times, X gym is my favorite workout place in the city. You are doing an extraordinary job.

I wanted to report that the majority of your clients are following the rules. For some reason, and this was going on at other gyms I’ve been a member at, there are people whose mission is to break the rules.

I never mention anything about this to your staff in person. Lord knows they have enough to manage running a retail location in New York City. Furthermore, I would never mention a word to one of your customers, regardless of whatever happened. Nothing phases me. Someone could throw a can of paint on my head, and I woudn’t lose my cool.

The issue I’m emailing about is people not being patient while walking around the gym. If I didn’t know better, I would suspect there are a number of customers looking to crash into people in the hallways. I was waiting for someone to walk out of the locker room while walking out of the bathroom. People start running around me from behind, cutting everyone off. They might have been on their way to pick up a bank check or something like that. It’s none of my business.

If you ever look at how carefully I walk around the gym, you would see how respectful I am. I’m not claiming that everyone needs to be as cautious as me. However, some clients are cutting people off and not respecting the situation here.

It’s not a big deal. I merely enjoy reporting everything to try and be helpful when possible.

Thank you again for running the number one gym in the city. I hope X gym takes over the whole country.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine