How can I prove that the New York FBI is drugging me every single day?

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Individuals I know pay New York law enforcement to ruin people’s lives and kill them. I have contacted every government and law enforcement office in New York City to try and get help. The New York FBI agents that my civilian enemies pay are too powerful and there is no one who investigates them. People I know literally pay the FBI to murder people and if any member of the US government staff says a word I suspect they are next. The government employees know not to say a word and they don’t.

The New York FBI had several teenage girls try to hook up with me and I didn’t fall for it. The FBI also has women and men try and pick fights with me. It’s been going on for so long that I’m used to it at this point. The FBI knows this so now they drug me every single day. 

The FBI puts narcotics into water and throws it on me a few times per day. They also have their huge civilian hate team sneak up on me and blow smoke in my face. I’m not going to say the name of the hospitals but I have walked into emergency rooms after the FBI drugged me. I was given drug tests and the hospitals said my urine was clean and there was no trace of drugs. Needless to say, most hospitals don’t want to get in the middle of law enforcement drama. I don’t blame them. 

Now when the New York FBI and NYPD drug me I go to the emergency room and say I feel like my blood pressure is high. I don’t mention a word about New York law enforcement drugging me every single day even though I suspect some of them know. Before anyone starts getting too excited, the police have tried to have me committed several times in multiple states. I have been evaluated and I’m completely normal. 

I don’t have a criminal record. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. The only time I do anything is when the New York FBI drugs me which is every single day. I’m a full-time college student and I have a 4.0 GPA after 27 credits with New York law enforcement torturing me. 

I used to provide web marketing services for companies and the FBI shut it down. If anyone even thinks about hiring me they are immediately contacted by the New York FBI, NYPD, or their civilian hate team. Potential web marketing clients are told either not to help me or they are asked to help sabotage me. The reason I mention this is because I don’t have any money to buy drug tests to prove New York law enforcement is torturing me with drugs.

I have been homeless in New York City for 5 years and I’m on public assistance. If anyone has any ideas on how I can prove I’m being drugged please let me know. You can text me at 917-815-5415 or contact me any way that makes you feel comfortable. Obviously the New York FBI has tons of women and men contact me non stop to try and set me up so I’m very skeptical anytime I’m contacted. 

I’m waking up with holes in my stomach and I gained about 30 pounds in a month.

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YouTube video: I’m waking up with holes in my stomach and I gained 30 pounds in less than a month.

People I know pay the FBI and police to torture me. The US government, FBI, and police have been exposed for doing this to people for decades. They used to call it COINTELPRO. I don’t know what they call it now. The government has unlimited money and when they want to torture you they don’t care about the budget. 

One thing I know for a fact and I have seen with my own eyes is that the US government, FBI, and police love to tamper with people’s food in restaurants and supermarkets. A percentage of food establishments allow the government and their staff to tamper with people’s food who they don’t like in various ways. Law enforcement will put things into food that will make the target gain weight and eventually have a heart attack. 

I have seen the FBI and police tamper with people’s food so many times at restaurants that I never eat at restaurants. That leads to the theme of this blog post. I have a very high metabolism. I have always been skinny. I’m still skinny except I have a large stomach. I ride a bicycle all the time in New York City, in total thousands of miles. I have something that keeps track of how much I ride. 

So why then am I gaining so much weight in my stomach? I have very little money for food. I’m on public assistance, SNAP, food stamps, welfare, whatever you would like to call it. I’m not sure. I suspect that it might have something to do with the holes in my stomach. I have holes all over my stomach that look like I have been injected several times. 

Before I go any further. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I’m a homeless college student. I don’t have a criminal record. I’ve been homeless for 5 years. The FBI, police, and their civilian scam team steal and destroy my property all the time when I’m asleep. I have never woken up once while they do it. I suspect they are using incapacatating agents on me to keep me asleep after I fall asleep. 

When I was in Estero, Florida someone broke into my apartment when I was sleeping and injected me in the lower part of my face. My face has been disfigured since then. Whatever they injected me with has never disolved. Now I’m waking up with holes all over my stomach and I gained about 30 pounds in 1 month. The same way that plastic surgeons pull fat out of people, apparently someone is putting it into me. 

If you don’t believe that this type of thing goes on I have included a picture and video. Also, search Google for what some of the police officers from the NYPD and other police departments have been arrested for lately. 

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