Plastic Surgery – New York City law enforcement mutilated my face, torso, and arm.

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Some people get plastic surgery to try and look better. Unfortunately for me,  people I know paid high-level New York City law enforcement (and other states) to sabotage me.

One of the things they did was give me plastic surgery after they knocked me out with incapacitating agents (incapacitating agents on Wikipedia). New York City law enforcement uses incapacitating agents on me all the time in addition to drugging me with other substances. 

New York City law enforcement had someone or multiple people inject me in the face with some type of glue that changed the way I look forever. It’s very noticeable under my mouth on the lower part of my face.

A plastic surgeon that I provided marketing for once asked me about it. The first time we met in person the doctor immediately said what happened to your face?

If you don’t think this goes on then it’s the perfect crime.

Another time I woke up with holes all over the upper part of my body that are still there today. I gained about twenty-five pounds in one night. 

I suspect New York City law enforcement had a doctor inject a bunch of fat into me that they took out of someone else during a liposuction procedure. 

The US Attorney Southern District, Albany FBI, NYPD, and NYPD Internal Affairs, blocked my phone number when I was calling asking for help. 

The Nassau County Police Department arrested me for calling for help. The Nassau County District Attorney prosecucted the case knowing I was innocent.

I still got it knocked down to the violation because I destroyed them in court. I got rid of the public defender that was purposly trying to sabotage my case. I respectfully notified the court that I wanted a bench trial. The rest is history.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t have a criminal record.

People I know paid New York City law enforcement to inject some type of material into my face. They disfigured my face forever. It’s the most noticeable under my lower lip. I also have holes all over my stomach right now that look like someone injected me over and over. The holes look like someone is injecting me multiple times in the same holes. I’ll post pictures of it soon.