Opinion: Law enforcement security camera and video scams. 


Opinion: Law enforcement security camera and video scams.

In my opinion, United States of America law enforcement runs scams far beyond most people’s imagination.

For example, law enforcement in the tri-state area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut has thousands of business people and students that law enforcement uses to run scams. If something goes wrong the woman or man doesn’t work for the government or law enforcement so the blame goes somewhere else.

People I know pay law enforcement to tease me, harass me, and sabotage me every day.

Law enforcement doesn’t have the slightest concern about getting caught.

When Law enforcement is running scams on me, they are always mindful of the indoor and outdoor security cameras.

For example, law enforcement sets up scams based on the security cameras’ location.

That can include having women and men crash into me and cut me off, intending to get a negative reaction out of me in clear view of a security camera.

Another scam that law enforcement runs on me constantly is leaving things in clear view of security cameras to make it seem like things happened around the same time.

For example, law enforcement will leave garbage on the floor, a piece of clothing on a counter, a cup on a table, and things like that.

Therefore law enforcement can refer back to the video and claim that events happened in the sequence that law enforcement is claiming.

People don’t realize that law enforcement is keeping track of everything so law enforcement can recreate the same background on different days.

For example, on Monday, law enforcement can capture a video of me with a piece of garbage on the floor.

On Wednesday, law enforcement can create more video with the same piece of garbage on the floor.

Then law enforcement will edit the video and claim that everything happened on the same day or at the same time.

In New York City alone, law enforcement has tens of thousands of employees and billions of dollars per year to spend.

If people in New York would stop for a few hours and think about the amount of money going into law enforcement in New York, they would be shocked.

For example, I think retired members of the NYPD are being paid about 3 billion dollars per year.

That’s OK but don’t turn around and tell me you can’t keep New York City safe when billions of dollars per year is going to retired police officers.

Without spending any time researching the number, I’m guessing it’s over 15 billion dollars per year. That includes pensions.

That includes the FBI, Police, Marshalls, DEA, etc.

The number might be over 20 billion dollars per year.

It might be over 30 billion dollars per year.

Does anyone know the total amount of money allocated yearly to law enforcement in the state of New York, including pensions?

Please leave your guess in the comments.

Should the US Attorneys’ and District Attorneys’ salaries be included in that number?

In my opinion, people I know pay law enforcement to harass me every day in New York City.

Law enforcement pockets the money and then uses the government’s money and resources to harass me.

If the time, money, energy, and resources being spent on harassing me every day were spent fighting crime instead of committing crime, that could potentially be lives saved.

In my opinion, the whole Police Internal Affairs program has to be revamped.

Also, I would like to see police officers and law enforcement earn more money if they will stop committing crime and spend 100 percent of their efforts keeping us safe.