Mark Pine New York City Entrepreneur Startups YouTube Playlist


I’m working on several startups in various fields. You can learn more about it on the startups page on this website Startups 2022

Above are videos I’ve made talking about my ideas.

I have had thousands of videos ruined because people I know pay the police to harass me everyday.

Anytime I try and make videos New York City law enforcement has people play music or yell curses to stop my videos.

I don’t know how to edit video so I have to keep stopping and starting over. I finally decided to learn how to edit video.

Now insted of stopping everytime the police have their plain clothes sabotage team start playing music, I just keep talking and eventually I’ll learn how to edit the video.

The videos I’ve created that the police haven’t ruined are OK.

The police have runied so many of my videos that anytime I’m making a video I’m thinking in the back of my mind that any second someone is going to start playing music to ruin my video.

Often times when the police aren’t playing music to ruin my videos, they have people cut me off and crash into me during the recording process.

I’m making the best of it and I’m not giving up.

Any accredited investor that even thinks about helping me will immediately be contacted by law enforcement and told not to help me or they will ask you to help them sabotage me.

I don’t have a criminal record and I don’t do anything illegal.