Email to the coworking place where I’m a member on November 4, 2022.


Greetings X coworking,

First and foremost X coworking is the best coworking ever. I love it.

I treat your staff professionally and respectfully when I interact with them.

I treat your facilities with the utmost respect humanly possible.

I keep to myself in regards to your members. I’m friendly and respectful, although I keep to myself.

I wanted to mention something quickly that is no major issue.

No matter how great of an offering you present to the public from my experience, there are always going to be people that have bad intentions.

For example, some of the gyms I belong to are amazing. The company could not be doing a better job.

The college I go to is amazing too.

The majority of people are looking to respectfully enjoy themselves.

There is always a small group that is looking to cause issues.

I just want to go on the record right now.

This has never happened and I don’t think it ever will happen. I’m just giving a hypothetical situation. If someone at WeWork pours a can of paint on my head, throws my laptop out of the window, and anything else along those lines; I will not say a word to the person or anyone at the WeWork location about it.

I will respectfully and politely email you here and let you know what happened.

I’m not anticipating that will happen, I just wanted to mention it.

I was walking in one of your amazing locations and someone walked in front of me, said go for it, and then walked away.

I have no idea who the person is.

I didn’t say a word.

I didn’t have a reaction.

It’s no big deal.

I’m not sure what the person was talking about.

It just made me think of the gyms I belong to because sometimes there is questionable behavior by some of the members.

There is no need to follow up. I just wanted to touch base about the issue.

Thank you again for creating the absolute best coworking environment in New York City.

Mark Pine