I’m working on crowdfunding several startups. I’m also trying to promote myself as a motivational speaker. My goal in life, in addition to financial freedom, is to have a positive impact on society. I won’t sell my soul for $100 billion.

Crowdfunding food startup. YouTube video.

Why would anyone give to my crowdfunding? I would guess because they like my mission. I give to Not a lot but I have sent them a few dollars. In my humble opinion they are one of a small number of huge websites that expose the United States government for the shady things they do and have done. How many other websites with that amount of traffic has the guts to post about Cointelpro and incapacitating agents? I love Wikipedia for that. Thank you, Wikipedia.

Entertainment startup crowdfunding. YouTube video.

My startups will eventually turn into for profit companies, although my crowdfunding is not an investment opportunity. You are just giving because you appreciate that I’m trying to have a positive impact on society.

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