People I know pay New York law enforcement to rip people to shreds including myself.

New York law enforcement, FBI and police, kill people for money, they tamper with peoples food, they have thousands of girls/women in the tri-state area of all ages ready to hook up with any man on-demand and say he raped them, etc.

New York law enforcement also likes to brag about how they can supply the whole jury for any case they care about. Meaning every single person that both attorneys are picking from all work for the US government or law enforcement.

I know, that would never happen. The civilians who work in the court that send out the envelopes would stand up to murderers who kill people for a living working for law enforcement.

However bad and corrupt you think the US government is doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I have seen. I’m a civilian. The reason I know so much is that I grew up around people that pay law enforcement to kill people.

I’m going to share what I know about Cointelpro.

Cointelpro on Wikipedia