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YouTube video: I’m a COINTELPRO victim.

I have information to share with CEO’s and their families. About ten years ago people I know from New York paid United States government employees, members of law enforcement, etc. to torture me and try and set me up. They thought I was lonely enough to throw my life away for a date with a woman who ruins innocent people’s lives for the United States government. The fact that I’m sitting in Midtown Manhattan on my laptop writing this proves that I’m not and I wasn’t.

Before we go any further. Disclaimers: I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a doctor. I’m a civilian. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change.

In my humble opinion, the United States government wants everyone broke, distracted, with bad credit and living check to check. I hope this falls under free speech. I’m sure everyone is going to be thrilled when they read this. If you are a CEO and you want nothing to do with me, I understand. Anyone who even considers doing business with me is instantly contacted by members of the government. They are told not to work with me. If you don’t want the drama, I don’t blame you.

The United States government pays a lot of people to speak out against the government while really working for the government. I am not one of those people. How do you know? I have absolutely no clue because the people who are working for them are the best scam artists in the country.

The topics I have experience with include:

  • How to try and defend yourself against enemies with government connections. Rule number one, stop eating at restaurants. I’m not saying all restaurants allow the government to poison the occasional customer. Some of them do and some don’t. I’m not trying to figure it out more than I already know. If you are living check to check, working at a restaurant and the government directly tells you to do something, would you stand up to them? I would, most won’t.
  • Another one is dating. What evidence of consent do you have from past or current relationships? If you have enemies who are connected with the government, they will dig up every past and current relationship and turn everyone against you.
  • Next is partying. Stop drinking, stop smoking, stop partying. They will take you down in a New York minute if you do any of those things. When the government puts you under the microscope they look for any lie they can use to sell everyone on why you kicked the bucket.

The cost for my consulting is $150 thousand for the first month. Three months for $300 thousand. I don’t ever leave New York City. Make your decision before you contact me. Read my blog. Watch my videos.

Thank you for reading, have a good day.

Paperwork I filed with the New York City Comptroller to sue the NYPD.