I have two links in the first page of my Google search results that I took down.

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I’m trying to figure out how long until they drop off the first page of my Google search results. I have other links that I am actively updating that I would prefer people to see first.

One link is from Medium.com. The link used to lead to an article I wrote that I took down. The other link is from Google Sites. I took down the site.

I am curious to see how long it takes for Google search to update these links. I can’t say for sure how it works but those links don’t exist anymore so I’m hoping they fall to the second page or lower.

Email to New York City real estate management company about providing marketing services for their properties.

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I sell web marketing services.

My blog is https://markpine.com/marketing/

I charge $250 thousand plus expenses for one month or $550 thousand plus expenses for three months. I would recommend at least one video for every building and possibly advertise them on social media, YouTube, etc. Those are some general strategies. The cost can easily go into the millions with expenses. I’m an NYS licensed real estate broker but that’s not why I’m contacting you. I’m contacting you because although I can’t guarantee success because I don’t control the market, you have inventory. I would like to try to help bring in a bunch of web traffic and hope for the best.

Disclaimers: use this info at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. Most importantly, anyone who even thinks of working with me is immediately contacted by New York law enforcement and told not to help me or to help them sabotage me. I have no criminal record. I don’t do anything illegal. Rich people I grew up with pay New York law enforcement to sabotage me and I’m upfront with everyone. Why would anyone work with me? I have no clue. Before New York law enforcement ran me into the ground I worked with several companies providing web marketing. My email is m@markpine.com If you would like to contact me, text (917) 815-5415 is best because the police have people call me nonstop with scams so I never pick up my phone.

Have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

How long will an erased link stay on the first page of my Google search.

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I erased my old posts on Medium a few days ago. Today is October 3, 2020. I’m curious how long it will take for Google to update the first page of the Google search for my name, Mark Pine. I have plenty of other links I would expect would replace a link that has been erased. There are also several other people with the same name who have links floating around the web.

I’m watching the YouTube Creators channel and sharing my views on it.

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There are people who want to fly under the radar and there are people who want to be famous. I want to be known by everyone on the planet and have a positive impact on society. I love vlogging and blogging. I’m hesitant to give acknowledgment to companies because my ultimate plan is to go into every single business and make it better. In regards to what’s out there currently, if you are thinking about promoting yourself on the web with videos it might be worth your time to watch the videos on the YouTube Creators channel by YouTube. 

YouTube video, How B-roll Can Spice Up Your Videos 🌶🎬 ft. WheezyWaiter from YouTube Creators.

When I think about the amount of time I have wasted watching celebrity interviews, I can’t for the life of me understand why. That goes double when I find resources like the YouTube Creators channel. Part of the information held within the channel is common sense, some of the information is positive reinforcement and a portion of the videos are pure inspiration. The channel is motivating the hell out of me. That doesn’t mean I’m going to succeed, it just means I’m ready to swing for the fences. 

YouTube video, Total Beginner’s Guide to Video Editing from YouTube Creators.

I have YouTube Premium for students. I have downloaded a number of the videos and I have watched them around the clock for a few days. I have a lot of more videos to watch, in the meantime, I wanted to share this find with you now. More important than an in-depth review is hey, you might want to check this out.  

Disclaimers: Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. I’m not an attorney. If you have legal questions about the Internet, talk with a lawyer. 

To illustrate, the YouTube Creator channel gives you tips about how to get started with your channel, equipment tutorials, video editing tutorials, all the way up to brand deals, super chat, selling merch, and subscriptions. Also, in my humble opinion, the YouTube Creator videos will give you ideas that you can apply to YouTube as well as the other social networks. Not everyone wants to aim for the stars, billions of views and things like that. I do and so do a lot of other people, although you might only want to showcase various products and services on YouTube and web video for a niche audience. Regardless if you want to go niche or knock it out of the park, you might want to flip through the YouTube Creators channel. 

YouTube video, Should I Make A Podcast? | Podcasting 101 Ep. 1
from YouTube Creators.

I was surprised at how thorough the videos are. It’s one hell of a free education on social media video. Again, I’m not guaranteeing results. I’m saying if you want to have a chance of making a success on the web, it’s good to know some of the rules. Also, keep in mind it’s good to speak with an attorney who specializes in this type of industry to limit your liability. People are throwing lawsuits around like it’s nobody’s business. You have to be careful what you say on the Internet and in real life. That’s also not including the government coming after you. We might have more opportunities to earn money and be creative, although simultaneously I feel like the world is stricter than ever. You can interpret that however you desire. 

It’s all fun and games until it’s not. Watch out for the haters. You might be a normal and productive person, I hope you are. A woman or man who knows the difference between right and wrong and wants to have a positive impact on society like myself. For every normal person there is at least one hater, so protect yourself. Don’t steer the ship into the ground before it flys into orbit. Be careful what you upload to the web because people can download it and use it against you forever. I always like to show both sides of the coin. That is why I like this channel. It’s shows you people who are treating social media/web video like a professional business and it’s nothing to be played with. 

I’m working on startups. I provide marketing for companies. I also want to evolve into a motivational speaker. The more I become known, the more people who are going to want to deal with me. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t curse. Therefore, I’m not concerned about my videos haunting me in ten years from now. Even if you never upload one video into YouTube, you could potentially enjoy the YouTube Creators videos. Message to young people. You might be into one thing right now. In 10 years from now, you might be a totally different person. Be careful what you upload because it can easily close doors on you in the future. I personally can care less about what I’m uploading. I’m promoting ideas with the hopes of inspiring people. I want to be a motivational speaker and have a positive impact on society. My goal is to create my own startups. 

YouTube video, YouTube Community Tab
from YouTube Creators.

There are a lot of people who have awesome jobs earning good money. You don’t want to shut yourself out from that if you’re really not sure what you want to contribute to the web now. That’s why it can be good to watch these videos because it shows everyone the odds are you aren’t reinventing the wheel. How do you want to present yourself to the world now, in ten years and forever? Think long term so if things don’t work out at least you not giving the haters an opportunity to sabotage you. The majority of channels never go anywhere so I don’t want to sound like it’s easy or I’m overselling it. My channel has 10 subscribers and is only getting a few hundred views per month. The most subscribers I have ever had on a channel is a few hundred. There is tons of competition. I would guess that at least 99 percent of channels never earn significant money. What does significant money mean? You decide. If anyone from YouTube wants to let me know what percentage of channels earn over $100 thousand per year, let me know. Send me an email from an office YouTube email or send me a text and give me a YouTube office number to call you back. Thank you and have a good day.

I’m trying to remove my old YouTube channel from my first page Google search results.

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My old YouTube channel had the YouTube.com/user/. My new YouTube is just YouTube.com/markpine360 without the user in the URL. It’s shorter and quicker for people to type and remember. For some reason, Google has not updated my search results. My old YouTube channel is still at the top of the Google search for my name (Mark Pine). I’m not going to get to upset about it. I’ve been doing everything I can to move the old channel out and the new channel in.

My Google search results with my old YouTube channel. I’m trying to update my new YouTube channel into that space. My new YouTube channel has a shorter URL and that is why I switched over to it. The new URL matches most of my other social media URLs.

This is the reason that when I provide marketing services for companies and individuals I’m always very careful upfront. I write into the invoice that results are not guaranteed. I will do my best, although there are factors outside of my control. I have had people dangling checks in my face asking me to guarantee things and I always say no. I can’t guarantee how multi-billion-dollar companies are going to react. Sometimes they move how I anticipate, other times they don’t.

I switched all the videos on my old YouTube channel to private. I removed all the links and text (bio) from my old YouTube channel. I searched through all my social media pages and removed the links to my old YouTube channel. I had a link from Facebook to my old YouTube channel that I removed. There were a few other links I noticed which were pointing to my old YouTube channel. I removed them all. The reason I don’t want to erase the old channel all together is that I might want to use some of the videos I made private in the future. I also changed the name of the channel from Mark Pine to not using. 

This is the about page on my new YouTube profile.

In addition to blogs, I record vlogs. I upload the vlogs into YouTube and share them to my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media websites. If you Google the name Mark Pine, my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram are all on the first page. For some reason, I can’t get the old YouTube out and the new YouTube in. The YouTube you are seeing there is the old one. I’m confident eventually Google will update the old YouTube for the new one. 

I believe Google likes websites and social media websites that update with original content. I’m going to continue to post on my vlog, add videos to my YouTube and embed the YouTube videos into my blog posts. I’m 43 years young. I have been providing marketing services for companies for a long time. I should have been blogging and vlogging the whole time. I suspect my numbers would have been great by now. Instead, I went for the easy checks to help other people with their marketing and neglected my own marketing. I should have done both. Well, it’s better late than never.

I’m using my blog and vlog for various reasons. I want to promote what I’m doing and thinking, to accelerate my career. My goals are to create startups, provide occasional marketing services for clients and share interesting and uplifting information on my blog. I might just continue to create blog posts and videos myself without any help. Who knows, one day I might have hundreds or thousands of people helping me create content for markpine.com. That would be nice. 

Trying to move this YouTube link reminds me of helping clients with reputation management. I always tell everyone upfront that results are not guaranteed. I could write thousands or tens of thousands of words trying to explain reputation management. Because there are so many layers with reputation management, I like to share the strategies with clients and get everyone on the same page. This way everyone knows what to expect or not to expect. For example, the situation with this old YouTube link not moving right now. It hasn’t been too long so hopefully, it will update soon.