I have two links in the first page of my Google search results that I took down.


I’m trying to figure out how long until they drop off the first page of my Google search results. I have other links that I am actively updating that I would prefer people to see first.

One link is from Medium.com. The link used to lead to an article I wrote that I took down. The other link is from Google Sites. I took down the site.

I am curious to see how long it takes for Google search to update these links. I can’t say for sure how it works but those links don’t exist anymore so I’m hoping they fall to the second page or lower.

Email to New York City real estate management company about providing marketing services for their properties.



I sell web marketing services.

My blog is https://markpine.com/marketing/

I charge $250 thousand plus expenses for one month or $550 thousand plus expenses for three months. I would recommend at least one video for every building and possibly advertise them on social media, YouTube, etc. Those are some general strategies. The cost can easily go into the millions with expenses. I’m an NYS licensed real estate broker but that’s not why I’m contacting you. I’m contacting you because although I can’t guarantee success because I don’t control the market, you have inventory. I would like to try to help bring in a bunch of web traffic and hope for the best.

Disclaimers: use this info at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. Most importantly, anyone who even thinks of working with me is immediately contacted by New York law enforcement and told not to help me or to help them sabotage me. I have no criminal record. I don’t do anything illegal. Rich people I grew up with pay New York law enforcement to sabotage me and I’m upfront with everyone. Why would anyone work with me? I have no clue. Before New York law enforcement ran me into the ground I worked with several companies providing web marketing. My email is m@markpine.com If you would like to contact me, text (917) 815-5415 is best because the police have people call me nonstop with scams so I never pick up my phone.

Have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

How long will an erased link stay on the first page of my Google search.


I erased my old posts on Medium a few days ago. Today is October 3, 2020. I’m curious how long it will take for Google to update the first page of the Google search for my name, Mark Pine. I have plenty of other links I would expect would replace a link that has been erased. There are also several other people with the same name who have links floating around the web.