Do not commit crime in 2020 and beyond.

I’m not a member of the United States government or law enforcement. I’m a regular person or civilian just like you. People I know pay the Police, government in the United States to terrorize people including me. Having them torture me for almost a decade, has taught me a few things. This is my opinion, use this information at your own risk. I’m not a lawyer. If you have specific questions, talk with an attorney.

The majority of people are living check to check. The government has billions or trillions of dollars. You can not understand what that means until you see it in action. Imagine the most evil person you have ever met having billions of dollars. Then imagine that same person coming after you with all those resources. That’s what it’s like dealing with the government. I’m not saying life is always easy. All I’m saying is, in my humble opinion, once you have a criminal record the government owns you. After they get you the first time, they can make up any lie about you and no one is going to help you unless you are rich.

New York City

The NYPD wants to kill me with a heart attack at 43.

People I know pay the NYPD and other law enforcement to torture me. They have drugged me hundreds of times. They have women try to set me up for leering and stalking. They have women and men try and pick fights with me. They destroy my property. They physically attack me. 

I have survived so much torture from them it’s unbelievable. I know the NYPD and New York law enforcement inside and out by now. The same way that they know me. I’m going on the record right now and saying under the circumstances, I’m healthy. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I eat healthily. 


Letter to teenagers. Girls, boys, women, men, and adults too.

Just in case the world doesn’t come to an end due to global warming, war, or whatever. I’m 43 years young. I want to share some information with you. Analyze it and do what you want with it. This is for girls and boys, women and men. This is for adults too. 

Disclaimers: I’m not a doctor. I’m not a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. If you have specific questions, talk with a doctor. 

In my humble opinion, financial freedom and health is number one. Don’t fall for the distractions. A lot of people want to be famous. I’m one of them. The difference from the past is that you don’t need movies, TV or music to be famous anymore. You don’t need the entertainment business to be famous. If you are a success in your respective field, you can be famous. To illustrate, let’s say you are a veterinarian, and you have your own office where you treat animals. I’m not sure how it all works at a veterinarian’s office but I bet you can hire a few people under you to do a lot of the dirty work. If you’re someone who wants to be famous like me, you can promote yourself on social media with the animals and things like that. 


I am done with the vending machines at school.

At 43 years young, I’ve decided to cut all the unnecessary snacking out of my life. I’m not eating any more candy. No more potato chips. I’m not wasting money eating anything unless it’s healthy. At this phase I have no idea what is really healthy or not, I’m at least going to try and figure it out. So far today I have eaten bananas, apples, orange, red pepper, and sunflower seeds. All I’m drinking is water. I’m trying to avoid sugar and salt as much as possible, if not altogether. I was never out of control with unhealthy foods. Still, I’ve decided it’s time to quit them all cold turkey.

I’m not an expert on diet even though I am working on a food startup. Eventually, I’ll become an expert or close to it. Currently, I’m a beginner. I watched a few videos on YouTube about nutrition, losing weight, farms, and things like that. It was an eye-opener. There were a few things I was eating that I cut out immediately. The videos gave me several ideas in total about how to improve my eating habits. If you have questions about your eating habits talk with a doctor. 

Startups crowdfunding

Consent and dating startup.

I’m working on a consent startup. The plan is to create a website and apps where people can declare their intentions for a relationship or dating upfront so that everyone is on the same page. They might be able to read a little about the laws governing relationships in their state. I’m confident I’ll create a few more good ideas to add value to the project along the way. 

New York City

New York City mailing address for homeless people.

I plan on renting a post office box in the near future, in the meantime, I have nowhere to send my mail because I’m homeless. I found out that the James A. Farley post office in New York City has a special address for homeless people to have their mail sent there for free. If you are needing a place to have your mail sent and are homeless like me, make sure to visit the post office first and find out all the particulars. I haven’t gone through with it yet. I have a check on the way from an insurance company. I purchased something on, it broke and the insurance company said they have to mail me a check. I asked if they could send the money electronically and they said no. We will see how it works out. The post office I’m writing about it located across the street from Penn Station. 


Flush when using public toilets.

Don’t forget to flush. Be respectful for the next person.

We are all connected. Treat others the way you want to be treated. What goes around comes around. Sometimes people don’t flush public toilets. I get it, sometimes you’re in a rush or it’s a dirty toilet. 

When you show up to a public toilet and the person before you didn’t flush it’s gross. Don’t leave it like that for other people. 

You can put toilet paper or paper towel over your hand so you don’t have to touch the flusher directly. Also, make sure to wash your hands on the way out. 

Sometimes I’m lazy and I’ll start turning to walk out of the bathroom after using the urinal. I will say everything to myself that I just wrote. Then I will turn around and flush. 

It can be dirty enough using public toilets in the first place. Don’t make it more unpleasant than it has to be for the next person. Sometimes I’ll walk into a public bathroom and I’ll see a few of the toilets where people didn’t flush. I’ll go to each one and flush it.

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New York City

The NYPD scammed me again tonight in the Grand Central subway station.

My unlimited MetroCard from school.

I’m a college student. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t have a criminal record. For the past few days, it’s been freezing in New York City. Usually, I sleep in chairs on subway platforms in Midtown Manhattan. When most subway stations are too cold, I’ll sleep sitting up on the steps inside the Grand Central subway or other subway stations in Midtown. When the Police say move, I move. Tonight for some reason, they wrote me tickets.

After sleeping on the steps inside Grand Central Station for a few hours, I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. I walked outside and went to the bathroom. When I was going back into the Grand Central subway station, I swiped the unlimited MetroCard that my college provides for me. 

The card said just used. I had not used the card for hours. I don’t understand how it said just used. I was cold, and I just woke up after sleeping on steps. 

I jumped the turnstile. In retrospect, I should have asked the person who worked in the subway to let me in.

A minute or two later, two transit cops stopped me. They said they were from NYPD Transit District 4. They wrote me a ticket for sleeping on the steps, and they wrote me a ticket for jumping the turnstile. 

I don’t understand why they didn’t write me the ticket for sleeping on the steps until after coming back in. What if I didn’t go back to Grand Central Station after going to the bathroom outside?

 I told the Police officers that I have an unlimited MetroCard, and it didn’t work. One of the Police officers took my MetroCard and walked off with it. He came back and said it was used before I walked outside to go to the bathroom. 

I don’t understand how that is possible because I was sleeping. I was inside Grand Central Station for hours. 

In addition to sleeping, I used the subway station’s free Wi-Fi. Currently, I’m an A student at a CUNY school. One more A, and I’m on the Dean’s List. 

Then one last thing happened I want to mention. I pulled out my CUNY (current, not expired) school ID. The Police officer didn’t want my CUNY ID.

He wanted to write me up using my welfare ID from HRA (New York City public assistance). That is why I suspect the whole thing was another scam from the NYPD. 

The NYPD doesn’t want to paint the picture of me as a college student with an unlimited Metrocard from school. They want to paint the picture of me as a homeless person, jumping the turnstile and blocking the steps. 

People I know from New York pay the NYPD to torture me. They have women try to set me up for leering and stalking. They have women and men try and pick fights with me all the time. They have written me thousands of dollars in tickets. 

More later.

PDF of the article.