I’m crowdfunding several startups. They cover almost every category. Food, selling, car service, entertainment, etc. Currently, I’m developing startups and running crowdfunding campaigns to raise money.

Next is marketing. I have provided web marketing for dozens of people. My freelance marketing was going great until some people I know paid the FBI, NYPD, and other law enforcement to sabotage my business and chase away my clients.

Next is motivational speaker. When I’m not complaining about the FBI torturing me, I’m all about positivity. My goal is financial freedom and to have a positive impact on society. When I’m not complaining about the FBI, NYPD and New York law enforcement torturing me, I try to make uplifting videos.

YouTube video: Startups I’m crowdfunding.

I’m trying to crowdfund several startups. I want to go into almost every business. In addition to wanting financial freedom, I want to have a positive impact on society. Right out of the gate I’m working on startups including the following categories: food, sales, car service, entertainment, and a lot more. The reality of the situation is that my startups will not get off the ground or they will fail. I’m going for it anyway.

YouTube video: Entertainment startup crowdfunding.

I know what everyone is thinking, entertainment business, hell no. Your 100% correct, I’m looking to send as much money into the toilet as possible with this one. The plan is to create fun, entertaining, uplifting, positive content to try and inspire people. No negative messages. When I think about the negative messages being sent to me when I was growing up it makes me shake my head. I want to inspire the next generation, not distract them and fill their minds with lies. The plan is to create web content, reality shows, games, books, movies, plays, etc. I wouldn’t sell my soul for $100 billion wired into my bank account right now. I love all people and I want to send them positive energy.

YouTube video: Food startup crowdfunding.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I eat healthy. I’m like a machine. I don’t have a criminal record. I’m from Woodmere, New York. South Shore of Nassau County. I graduated Hewlett High School in 1994. I’m currently going to college in New York City.

YouTube video: The FBI and NYPD have hot women ready to hook up with you.

The above video is about how people I know paid the FBI, NYPD, etc. to try and have hot teenage girls try and hook up with me to set me up. New York law enforcement has hot women of all ages that will hook up with people to set them up. I feel bad for people they do this to because I suspect a percentage of guys will fall for it. They had girls contacting me in person, at school, on social media, etc. They come on very innocent and they are attractive.

YouTube video: Billion dollar company or bust? How do you spend your money?

This video is about how I spend my money with billion dollar companies instead of small businesses. I’m crowdfunding a startup to try and help people sell products and services into their communities. I’m not sure if it’s possible or not. All I know is that there are a lot of transactions for basic products and services that are going to billion dollar companies when it would be a lot better if we cut them out.

YouTube video: The defamation laws are totally insane.

The above video is about defamation laws in the United States. I’m not a lawyer. If you have legal questions contact an attorney. People I know pay the FBI and NYPD to torture me. I know who is paying them. They have people blowing some type of smoke in my face right this minute as I’m writing this. They harass me constantly. If I get on social media and start mentioning my civilian enemies who are paying New York law enforcement to torture myself and others they can sue me for millions of dollars. Who is that protecting? In my opinion, who cares what anyone says anyway? If I want to call out someone publicly, why can’t I? That is totally insane. There are hundreds if not thousands of people in New York and around the country who know about my situation and if anyone talks about it publically my enemies will have their attorneys sue for millions immediately. Attention legislators, can we do something about this?

Disclaimers: I’m not a doctor. I don’t a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. My startups are for crowdfunding, they are not an investment opportunity. The odds are that all my startups will either not get off the ground or they will fail. That’s the reality of the situation.

Mark Pine