Opinion: Email to a stellar Baruch College professor asking for a later date for my homework.


Greetings Professor, 

I see that there are only two people presenting on November 7. 

Can I please present that day too? 

If not, it’s no big deal. 

I just wanted to inquire. 

Regardless of the answer, I’m working on the speech right now in the library and all day tomorrow. 

I was thinking a couple of extra weeks would be excellent because I have a lot of memorization to do for a couple of classes.

I have the essay we are being assigned this week. 

Plus, a few other projects. 

Also, I’m living in the street homeless, and the cold is back. 

Tomorrow, when school is closed, it’s difficult to find places to charge my devices without spending money. 

Thanks to student loans, I have warm clothes. 

Most homeless people can’t say that. 

I’m wearing my winter coat right now. 

It’s not that bad, although there is a lot of wasted time. 

Everything takes longer when living in the street homeless. 

I know not you and the staff at CUNY, although unfortunately, most people don’t have any compassion for homeless people because they think they are all drinking and on drugs. 

I don’t drink, don’t smoke, no criminal record. 

Would rather starve than steal. 

Homeless people can’t open a bank account.

Homeless people can’t get a PO Box. 

The people who need a PO box more than anyone can’t get one.

There are a lot of homeless people like myself who are working or going to school like everyone else. 

I’ve been living in the street my entire 40s, and I’m 47. 

I’m used to it. 

The glass is half full. 

I’m making the best of it. 

I know this isn’t law school. 

I’m just making a little case for myself. 

I love class. 

The readings you’ve assigned this semester have had a major positive impact on my thought process. 

The readings make me slow down and focus. 

Please advise if possible. 

Again, it’s no big deal. 

I’ll be ready for either due date. 

If anyone asks why I was given the later date, I have no embarrassment at all if you say the real reason. 

I’m living in the street homeless. 

I don’t think anyone wants to trade places with me. 

I believe in treating everyone respectfully at all times, no matter what. 

Almost nothing embarrasses me at this point. 

Please let me know if you require any additional information. 

Thank you again and have a great day. 

Mark Pine

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