Opinion: Email to Baruch College about my class schedule getting upended every year before the semester starts.


Greetings Baruch College,

It’s a privilege to be a Baruch College student. 

I’m very appreciative to be here. 

I wouldn’t even have a smartphone or laptop if it wasn’t for being a Baruch College student and student loans. 

I owe everything to Baruch College forever. 

I always treat everyone at Baruch College with the utmost respect at all times. 

That includes staff, professors, security guards, and students. 

Treating people at Baruch College and CUNY respectfully is more important than anything. 

1 of my classes was canceled. 

All the classes I’m looking at now are filled. 

In another one of my classes, the professor was switched. 

I lost half my Fall 2023 schedule.

This keeps happening to me almost every semester, if not every semester, for the past 3 years.  

I’ll survive. 

This has nothing to do with you and your team. 

I have no idea why this keeps happening. 

Even if I did know why this is happening, I’ll make the best of it. 

What choice do I have?

I just wanted to mention it to you. 

I know New York City is losing a ton of money because of a lack of tourism, people working from home, etc., and we are lucky to have a school. 

There are a lot of people that could care less if CUNY disappeared. 

No one cares about a homeless student losing his schedule every semester. 

I’m just politely and respectfully pointing out what’s going on. 

Every class that I want now is booked solid. 

I could have switched the class with the changed professor earlier. 

That was my bad. 

Still, 2 out of 4 of my classes were either canceled or had major changes. 

We’ll see what happens next semester. 

Now I’m going to start keeping closer track of it. 

I’m very appreciative to be a Baruch College student. 

It’s just that I book a schedule, and the whole thing gets flipped around to my disadvantage every semester. 

There is more to the story, although I’m going to keep it to myself out of respect for everyone’s busy schedule. 

Plus, there are things that aren’t going to change, so there is no point in bringing it up. 

If you have any ideas for me, please let me know. 

If not, it’s no big deal. 

I’m going to be totally honest here. 

I’m living in the street, homeless. 

I’m looking for the easiest schedule possible so I can try to earn money to get off the street in my spare time. 

I do my homework sitting on benches in the freezing cold, LOL. 


I make the best of all situations.

I’m going to get back into an apartment 1 day 1000%.

You’re the first person I’m sending a picture of my home when it happens.  

I may send you a YouTube video thanking you and everyone at Baruch College and LaGuardia Community College for lifting me up. 

One of my less intensive classes, as per Rate My Professors, was canceled. 

The other professor, who is great and very fair with students, was pulled out of the class and replaced with a professor that Rate My Professors says is a tough grader. 

I signed up for 2 backup classes because it’s the same price to sign up for 4 as it is for 6.

Furthermore, I knew this was going to happen because it happens every semester. 

I never complain to anyone at Baruch College besides you via an email like this. 

I consider this complaining for the sake of asking for advice and seeing if there is a solution. 

I have a 3.8 GPA. 

I’ll live. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine

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