Opinion: New York City law enforcement is paying their civilian lie and scam team to say that I smell. 



I’m going to run through my routine of how I stay clean.  

I used to provide web marketing services for companies. 

I was having a great experience. 

Then people I know paid New York City law enforcement and law enforcement in other states to sabotage me. 

People I know pay law enforcement for a variety of crimes. 

I tried to report the NYPD and law enforcement to various New York City and United States government agencies, and they blocked my phone number. 

I have been living in the New York City streets homeless for the past 7 years. 

I’m on public assistance (welfare).

I receive between $500 and $600 per month from the Human Resources Administration (HRA), the New York City public assistance office. 

This is how I stay as clean as possible and smelling fresh while living in the street homeless. 

1. I wash my clothes 3 times per week. 

I visit self-service laundromats that cost approximately $4 to $5 each time to wash my clothes. 

That equals $15 per week and $60 per month. 

2. I never wear the same socks twice. 

I don’t wash my socks. 

After I wear a pair of socks once, I throw them out. 

I buy inexpensive socks for about $1 per pair. 

That costs $30 per month. 

3. I shower every day. 

I belong to a gym. 

4. I have tons of spray deodorant. 

It smells great. 

I have enough spray deodorant for the next year or more. 

5. I shave my head completely bald, so I don’t have to wash my hair. 

6. I wash my backpack. 

7. I wear all rubber shoes and keep them clean. 

8. I located very inexpensive places to buy t-shirts and sweatpants. 

9. I have a storage room where I can keep clean clothes and my belongings in Midtown Manhattan.

The NYPD and New York City law enforcement has a plain clothes civilian lie and scam team that consists of thousands of people. 

The lie and scam team includes women and men of all ages—corporate executives, students, etc. 

They don’t officially work for the government or law enforcement. 

New York City law enforcement uses their civilian lie and scam team to sabotage people and run scams. 

New York City law enforcement has several members of the plain clothes civilian lie and scam team that belong to the gym I’m a member at, Baruch College, etc. 

The last thing I’m going to say is about pets. 

I love dogs. 

I live in Manhattan, New York City. 

New York City law enforcement would like to say that I’m dirty, I smell, etc., and have 30 members of their plain clothes lie and scam team say I’m the worst thing they ever smelled. 

What about people that own dogs?

I never owned a dog. 

How many times per day does a dog have to be taken outside to go to the bathroom in New York City? 

Does a person that owns a dog give the dog a shower or bath every single time the dog goes back into the apartment after being walked? 

If not, then what happens to all the dirt the dog picked up when walking around and rolling around in the horrid New York City streets? 

Then the dog is rolling around in the person’s apartment, bed, etc., for the rest of the day. 

Additionally, what is the deal with people’s sneakers and shoes? 

People are walking around in the slimy Manhattan, New York City streets.

Then they walk into supermarkets, gyms, and many other places without taking their shoes off. 

What happens to all the grime on their shoes?

Is someone following them around with a mop?

Do people take their shoes off in New York City businesses and walk around in their socks or barefoot?

The moral of the story is that we stay as clean as possible under the circumstances.

Unfortunately, we aren’t all billionaires.

I always treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times. 

In my opinion, treating people respectfully is more important than anything. 

I’m not judging anyone, although the reason you don’t hear about homeless people like me is because I blend in. 

There are a lot of homeless people living in the street that you wouldn’t know are homeless. 

I don’t smell. 

I don’t drink. 

I don’t have a criminal record. 

I don’t do anything illegal. 

I have a 3.8 GPA at Baruch College right now, with about 8 classes left to graduate. 

I’m making the best of my situation. 

If anyone has ideas how I can legally get the NYPD and New York City law enforcement to stop harassing me, please let me know. 

Now I’m going to spend my $8 food budget (SNAP, food stamps) at Whole Foods or the Union Square Greenmarket.

I’m making the best of my situation and trying to elevate.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine

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Mark Pine

New York City startups, web marketing, and Baruch College journalism major. 917-815-5415 social@markpine.com