Opinion: Email to the Baruch College Dean about individuals running scams on me.


Greetings Dean,

If you’re too busy to respond it’s no big deal.

I just like to quickly document everything at Baruch College, especially after I was put on probation a year or so ago. 

I was just walking into the Baruch College vertical building from the 24 St entrance. 

I always walk slowly and carefully around the building. 

No matter how slow or carefully I walk around Baruch College, there are always students crashing into me and shoving their phones in my face.

I ignore them and don’t say a word. 

Life isn’t perfect.

It’s no big deal. 

I can handle it. 

I’ve been living in the street homeless for a long time, I’ve seen and experienced a lot. 

I guess they are having some type of orientation in the school today. 

When I was walking to the elevators, something strange happened. 

One of the people wearing the blue shirts checking people in or something turns around when there is plenty of space for me to walk by. 

The person turned around and pretended and acted like I cut her off. 

I have no idea how it looks in the security cameras. 

I didn’t say a word. 

It’s no big deal. 

Just thought I’d mention it. 

Also, I included a link to a YouTube video that shows my laptop screen when I’m at Baruch College in regards to the Wi-Fi speed.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine 

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