Opinion: New York City law enforcement vandalized my two winter coats and much more.



Ever since people I know started paying New York City law enforcement to harass me, I’ve been robbed and had my property vandalized hundreds of times in Manhattan. 

For example, three phones stolen in the past two months, over ten phones stolen total, clothing ripped or stolen, shoes stretched out, ripped or stolen, laptops broken, laptops stolen, and much more. 

I bought two identical winter coats in 2022 with my student loans for close to $1,000. 

The winter coats are highly rated on the internet. 

The company that makes the coats is very reputable. 

Law enforcement ripped one of the coats multiple times so I can’t wear it.

The material is extremely durable yet somehow it ripped.

I started wearing the second winter coat at night now because I’m homeless. 

The second winter coat that’s supposed to be packed with down feathers now feels like a rain coat. 

I’m not sure what law enforcement did to the second coat but they somehow turned it from a down insulated winter coat for zero degree weather into a raincoat that I’m cold in when it’s 50 degrees outside. 

Once again, when New York City law enforcement uses their crime fighting budget to run scams, this is what you get. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine 

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Mark Pine

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