Opinion: Law enforcement is sabotaging my public assistance/welfare MetroCard allowance on 2/6/2023.


Greetings HRA,

Thank you for saving my life after people I know paid the NYPD and NYC law enforcement to strip me of everything I had. They robbed me and harass me everyday. 

I grew up around rich people that have been paying the NYPD and NYC law enforcement to commit crime and sabotage people for decades. 

NYPD Internal Affairs and the NYC DOI know and can care less. 

I never mention law enforcement to anyone at the HRA job centers. 

I always treat all your HRA staff with the utmost respect at all times. 

I always treat everyone at CUNY EDGE with the utmost respect at all times. 

I never mention a word about the NYPD and NYC law enforcement harassing me to anyone at CUNY EDGE. 

This has nothing to do with CUNY EDGE, they are great and as helpful as possible. 

Even if it does have something to do with CUNY who cares, please let me know how to fix it. 

The NYPD and NYC law enforcement don’t care who finds out that they run scams on people. 

Can someone please look into why I’m not receiving my MetroCard allowance. 

I suspect the NYPD and NYC law enforcement are telling whoever is in charge of it at HRA not to send my MetroCard money. 

I don’t blame the HRA person for going along with it because in my opinion NYC law enforcement will try and make anyone’s life a living hell that doesn’t allow them to run scams. 

I’m a full time student at Baruch College. 

I’m not mentioning a word about this to anyone at CUNY EDGE or Baruch College or CUNY. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine

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