Opinion: Email to Baruch College about RF CUNY. July 14, 2022.


Greetings Baruch College,

First and foremost, you and your team are doing an amazing job running Baruch College. I love Baruch College. Especially for a street homeless person such as myself, it’s great to be part of the CUNY community.

Baruch College / The City University of New York is the best opportunity ever. That goes 10X for me.

Additionally, CUNY Edge is as helpful as humanly possible.

CUNY Edge could not make keeping up with my Human Resources Administration documentation any easier.

I always treat everyone at CUNY Edge with the utmost respect at all times as I treat everyone that is connected with CUNY and Baruch College.

I’m 45 years old. I understand that life isn’t perfect. I just want to quickly bring something to your attention.

All the Baruch College students that are on public assistance are assigned hours by HRA to work for the RF CUNY fellowship program. The amount of hours can be anywhere from 0 hours per week to I suspect 20 or 30 hours per week.

As I stated CUNY Edge is as helpful and as great a resource as humanly possible. CUNY Edge is as great as it gets. This has nothing to do with CUNY Edge. CUNY Edge is just the messenger.

I don’t take it for granted how easy CUNY Edge makes it for students like myself on public assistance.

I have a suspicion that a number of colleges might be a lot more work and not as quick turnaround time for students on public assistance to submit their documentation to HRA.

I’m experienced enough to know that I have no idea who makes the policy for the RF CUNY fellowship program at Baruch College and CUNY.

Even if I did know I still treat everyone at CUNY, Baruch College, RF CUNY, etc., with the utmost respect at all times. That is regardless if I get my way or not.

Here is the situation.

I was notified by CUNY Edge that some public assistance students are able to get RF CUNY fellowship program hours and others are not.

RF CUNY pays about $15 per hour if I’m correct. For someone like myself on welfare that is a lot of money.

Plus working for the RF CUNY fellowship program doesn’t throw my HRA case into a tailspin like any other job would.

I could be 100% wrong and if I am I apologize for this note.

I suspect that there are students at Baruch College working 10, 20, and maybe more hours per week at Baruch College for the RF CUNY fellowship program.

Simultaneously, there are students such as myself that are designated by HRA to work 5 to 20 or more hours per week that are getting 0 hours from the Baruch College RF CUNY fellowship program.

In my humble opinion, I think it would be more fair if the hours were split up so that everyone receives some hours.

The last 4 semesters Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Summer 1, Summer 2, I’ve received 0 hours and I was assigned hours from HRA every semester.

I understand that I am not president of the universe. I’m not the CEO of RF CUNY. I’m not the Chancellor of CUNY. I’m not the Mayor of New York City.

I would like to be the Mayor of New York City one day. If I become mayor I promise to raise the budget to CUNY maybe double or triple it.

I have an idea for a few additional two year schools that would be awesome. I’ll send you that note later.

If no one agrees with me it’s OK. Life goes on. I just want to bring this situation to your attention.

If you are too busy to respond it’s no big deal. If you have any advice regarding this situation it would be appreciated.

Also, before I started CUNY I didn’t have a laptop. I didn’t have anything so I never forget how thankful I am for CUNY. I’m sitting in Central Park typing this message on a laptop that was given to my by Baruch College / CUNY. To not appreciate that would be insanity.

Thank you again for the amazing opportunity that is Baruch College.

Have a great day.

Mark Pine

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