Opinion: Email to Baruch College about summer classes, HRA, and the police harassing me. June 5, 2022.


Greetings Baruch College,

I’ve had dozens of conversations with the police and FBI about many of the topics covered in the class I’m taking this summer (phone records attached). 

I have never and will never mention a word about the police harassing me in any Baruch College class. 

I’m never saying a negative word about anything in any Baruch College class. 

I’m only going to speak positively about the government, courts, and laws in class. 

I’m not mentioning a negative word about the defamation laws that I have complained about to law enforcement dozens of times outside of school. 

I’m strictly positive and professional in my classes. 

I never mention a word about my personal life. I never mention a word that is negative. 

You said only to contact you if I have any issues at Baruch College. 

You told me not to contact the Chancellor and not to contact the Baruch College President. I haven’t and I won’t. 

New York City law enforcement just tried to run a nice scam on me tomorrow morning. 

New York City law enforcement sabotages me at HRA all the time. I never mentioned 1 word about it to the CUNY Edge office and I never will. 

I just coincidentally received an email today that I have to interview with HRA or my welfare case is going to be closed. 

Normally I would go running down to the HRA office on 14 St tomorrow morning. I would be waiting outside at 7 AM and be one of the first in. The police know that. 

New York City law enforcement has people tear me to pieces on the welfare line on 14 St. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. 

I believe the police have people blow weed smoke in my face and harass me the entire time I’m on the welfare line waiting to get in. 

I’m not going tomorrow because it’s my first summer class. 

I’m not going to be harassed for two hours nonstop, while simultaneously people are blowing weed smoke in my face. Then I’ll show up to my first Zoom class high on weed after being harassed for two hours nonstop. That has happened to me so many times I lost count. 

I’ll go to HRA on Wednesday when I don’t have a class and the police can harass me all morning on my day off from school. 

Tomorrow morning I’m going to show up to Baruch College at 7 or 8 AM. I’m going to find a nice place to sit or stand in clear view of a security camera. I’m going to relax and start studying for class. 

Tomorrow during class I’m going to keep my mouth shut. If I’m called on or if I feel like participation is necessary I will be positive and professional. 

I will speak like the Baruch College President and the Chancellor are going to be sent a video of the class. 

This is the email I coincidentally received from HRA just now:

The due date for your Cash Assistance case with case number ending in 898H is approaching. If you do not complete the interview on 06/14/2022 your case may close. Log in to your ACCESS HRA account at nyc.gov/ACCESSHRA to submit your recertification.

You can update your notification preferences at any time by logging into ACCESS HRA and selecting “Update” on your ‘Profile’ page.

No one from HRA ever called, HRA said we don’t have to go in, HRA said they probably won’t even interview me.

Coincidentally I received this email the day before class begins. 

If I show up to HRA tomorrow morning, which I’m not, New York City law enforcement will chew me up and spit me out. 

I’m getting off to a great start for the summer semester. I’m not letting them do it and I’m not going to HRA until Wednesday. 

I’m about to email the Commissioner of HRA’s office about it right now too. 

After the police sabotage my HRA case over and over which is well documented, the Commissioner’s Office cleans it up. 

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine

I always treat everyone at Baruch College with the utmost respect at all times. That includes staff, professors, security guards, and students. Treating people respectfully is more important than anything. I never participate in controversial conversations at Baruch College out of respect for people’s feelings. I love Baruch College, LaGuardia Community College, and The City University of New York. My goal is to pass. Grades are not my priority. I’m at CUNY to learn. I have been living in the street homeless for five years so it’s a miracle that I’m able to attend college. I don’t care if someone at Baruch College pours a can of paint on my head, I have never and will never say a disrespectful word to anyone at Baruch College under any circumstances. I’m walking on eggshells trying to go from homeless to home. In my spare time I’m cold calling hedge funds trying to launch startups and I promote myself on the Internet. Hopefully one day soon I can get back into an apartment. I believe in giving back even with my current situation living in the street homeless. One of the best things the government does in my opinion in addition to CUNY is the New York State Real Estate Salesperson’s License. During the last two decades, I have recommended thousands of people who are living check to check in New York City and the tri-state to obtain the license. 

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