Opinion: Email to Baruch College about my email signature. June 3, 2022.


Greetings Baruch College,

I’m going to revert back to my old email signature after this email until I hear back from you.

In a perfect world I would like for the below email signature to be my email signature. More importantly I don’t want to end up on probation or in trouble again so if the below email signature isn’t allowed, of course I’ll follow your instructions as always.

I’m coming very close to having an official lawsuit filed against the NYPD and they aren’t very happy about it. The police have been harassing me every day as usual. That is why I’m trying to cover myself every way possible because they are trying to take everything from me including Baruch College.

The NYPD made me homeless and now they want the rest. For example, me out of Baruch College, my laptops gone, my phone gone, etc. Exactly how I had absolutely nothing when I started at LaGuarida Community College.

Please advise.

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine

450 Lexington Ave #1375

New York, NY 10163

CUNY Student Number #

The following is for the courts and law enforcement. I never mention any of this in school.

I always treat everyone at Baruch College with the utmost respect at all times. That includes staff, professors, security guards, and students. Treating people respectfully is more important than anything.

I never participate in controversial conversations at Baruch College out of respect for people’s feelings.

I have been living in the street homeless for five years so it’s a miracle I’m able to attend college. Not a homeless shelter, the street.

People I know sabotaged my web marketing business, made me homeless, and have been harassing me every day since before I started at LaGuardia Community College. They have me living on the defense so I’m literally scared to open my mouth at Baruch College. Their favorite scams are to say Mark Pine is rude, Mark Pine is cursing everyone out, and Mark Pine is stalking all the women.

I don’t have a criminal record at 45. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party.

In my spare time I’m trying to promote myself on the Internet. I’m also trying to raise money from accredited investors to launch several startups.

Due to the situation with people I know harassing me every day, I keep to myself at Baruch College in regard to students. If there is a class project I treat the students with the utmost respect. Besides that I don’t socialize with students at all.

I always treat the Baruch College staff and professors with the utmost respect at all times. I don’t care if someone at Baruch College pours a can of paint on my head, I will never say a disrespectful word to anyone at Baruch College.

I have had several students at Baruch College harass me and try to pick fights with me. I just take the abuse, ignore them and walk away.

My goals in life are to have a positive impact on the world and be successful.

Being street homeless isn’t the best situation but thanks to Baruch College and HRA I have laptops, phones, etc., and that makes it a lot more fun to be homeless.

I can be homeless, on welfare, sleeping in a chair on the subway and I’m still cold calling hedge funds in my spare time trying to raise money for my startups. That is the CUNY spirit in my humble opinion. Take what you have and make something of it. No excuses, no complaints, just make it happen.

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