Opinion: Questions to Baruch College about grades. May 26, 2022.


Greetings Baruch College,

Please let me know how to appeal grades or who to contact if possible.

I don’t feel comfortable directly asking my professors about grades after they decide on a grade. Once a grade is given to me by a professor, I’m not going to contact the professor about it under any circumstances besides to say thank you. I’d rather just keep the grade they give.

Is the only way to appeal a grade via direct contact with a professor? If I can appeal a grade with a department I might.

I mentioned to two of my professors my case for various grades before they gave the grades.

For example:

First class: During one exam a student got sick and was violently coughing and running in and out of the classroom for more than 30 minutes. I respectfully mentioned to my professor that if I receive As on the second and third exam and a B+ on the first one because of the distraction from the student could that please be taken into consideration. I never missed any classes except for maybe a doctor’s appointment. I participated in every class.

Next class: I believe my grade is between an A- and an A in this class. I respectfully asked the professor if he could consider leaning towards the A for the following reasons. I participated in class. All my assignments were turned in. I never missed a class, if I did it was for a doctor’s appointment. In my humble opinion, my essays and homework showed I spent a lot of time learning the material.

Beyond that, I don’t feel comfortable asking my professors about it again. I respect whatever decision they make.

In my other two classes, I believe I earned either an A or A-, maybe B+.

The only reason I even care about grades more than passing is that I found out that if I want to go to CUNY graduate school, I need at least a 3.0.

To be perfectly honest, I hope I start earning money so I can get back into an apartment. If I’m still a full-time student after I graduate Baruch College that means I’m still going to be living in the street homeless.

My number one goal is to start working after I graduate from Baruch College or before I graduate and get an apartment.

I just want to try and get a 3.0 if possible so I have the option to attend a CUNY graduate school. If I don’t earn a 3.0, it’s no big deal. It might be a blessing in disguise, and I will get back into an apartment.

The number one most important thing is treating everyone at Baruch College respectfully. Without respect at Barch College, we have nothing.

All the professors and staff at Baruch College have a lot of students to support. There is no excuse for any student to be disrespectful to the Baruch College professors or staff.

When I make videos for social media, I always advise people not to use things as excuses to treat people disrespectfully. For example, unsatisfactory products and services. I apply that theory to all aspects of my life.

No one at Baruch College has to treat me respectfully for me to treat them respectfully. I don’t care if someone pours a can of paint over my head. I will ignore the person and walk away.

I will always treat everyone at Baruch College respectfully under all circumstances, no matter what.

Please advise.

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine

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Mark Pine

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