Opinion: NYC law enforcement is running scams on me at the Baruch College library to sabotage me with RF CUNY.


I’m not saying a word about this to anyone at RF CUNY or Baruch College. I’m reporting this to agencies outside of RF CUNY and Baruch College.

I never mention anything about my issue with New York City law enforcement to anyone at RF CUNY or Baruch College. If they Google me and read about it, there is nothing I can do about that.

If anyone at RF CUNY or Baruch College asks me about the situation with NYC law enforcement and myself, I will say I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss it at school. 

Greetings Higher Education – New York State Education Department,

I was going to email Baruch College about this and I still might but I decided to email you first instead.  

People I know pay New York City law enforcement and their plainclothes sabotage team to harass me every day. 

NYC law enforcement has Baruch College students that work for them harass me every day at Baruch College. For example, NYC law enforcement has students in my classes swing their legs around and bounce up and down in their chairs during classes to distract me. I ignore them. 

I was just going to print something at school on Sunday morning. The printer in the Baruch College vertical building was jammed. 

I immediately suspected that NYC law enforcement and their plainclothes team sabotaged the printer so they could get me over to the library building. 

The reason I suspect NYC law enforcement wanted to get me over to the library building was that they are trying to sabotage my upcoming job with RF CUNY. 

NYC law enforcement probably doesn’t want me working at the library. NYC law enforcement would probably prefer to get me in a room alone or with one or two people and then drug me for the whole time. 

NYC law enforcement has drugged me so many times I’ve been to New York City hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers hundreds of times. I can’t believe that no one who works at the Medicare office asked what’s going on? Why has this person been to emergency rooms and urgent care centers hundreds of times? 

I appreciate that the taxpayers are paying for me to go to the hospital hundreds of times. Even if I wasn’t covered I would still go. 

I never mention a word about any of this to anyone at Baruch College. 

Every day when students at Baruch College harass me I just ignore them. 

This happened on March 27, 2022 at about 10 AM. 

The first printer I went to use in the Baruch College library was broken. 

There was a person using the other printer that I saw on the ground floor. 

When the person who was using the printer on the second floor moved to a nearby table, I walked to the printer and quickly printed a few pages. 

Immediately when I started printing, the person who was using the printer before me started pacing back and forth behind me. 

Then when I was going to walk out of the library, there were two Baruch College security guards blocking the door from the outside. 

They were standing there pointing at something and adjusting their hats. After a few minutes of waiting, they moved slightly out of the way, just enough so I could comfortably walk by. 

I didn’t say a word to them or anyone at the library. 

NYC law enforcement will probably contact RF CUNY and make up a bunch of lies. 

If you have any ideas for me please let me know.

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine

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