Opinion: The lawsuit I filed against CUNY.


The City University of New York Lawsuit 

Disclaimers: I’m not a lawyer. Verify everything yourself. I’m a pro se plaintiff suing The City University of New York in the New York Court of Claims. The case is ongoing. The claim number is 137416.

January 16, 2022

I would like to sue The City University of New York for $150,000.00 for intentional tort. 

Before I get into the information that is within the ninety days requirement of evidence for filing a lawsuit, I would like to include a few things that I believe are important about this situation. 

There is absolutely no animosity or negativity from me towards The City University of New York (CUNY). 

One reason for this lawsuit is to secure my future at The City University of New York as a student and eventually graduate student. 

I love The City University of New York. The student support staff, the professors, the maintenance team, the security guards, and the students are as good as it gets. I am very appreciative to be part of the CUNY family. 

The United States Government and the New York Government have done a fantastic job setting up the CUNY platform to help people like myself succeed. 

When I started at CUNY I didn’t have a phone. I didn’t have a laptop. I didn’t have anything. I was living in the street homeless with about $5 per day for food given to me from the public assistance office (Human Resources Administration). 

I’m still living in the street homeless. Contrary to popular belief about homeless people I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t date. I don’t have a criminal record. I don’t do anything illegal. I have and would starve before I would steal. 

Now thanks to CUNY, student loans, and HRA, I have laptops. I have phones. I have places to shower. I have clothes. CUNY and HRA saved my life. 

I have been full-time at CUNY for five semesters. My GPA is 3.875. I have been on the Dean’s List every semester. 

There were a couple of semesters where my GPA was a 4.0 while living in the street homeless. 

In addition to my past success at CUNY, because I’m 45 years old and have had decades to think about school strategies, I have already started studying for the most difficult classes months or years before they begin so I can continue to enjoy learning. 

For example, I have already started studying for Math and Spanish months and years before I plan on taking them. 

Studying in advance makes it a lot easier. I believe that proves my dedication and respect for CUNY and my education. 

CUNY didn’t show up on my doorstep, I showed up on theirs. CUNY was doing just fine without me. I haven’t done anything for CUNY, they have done everything for me. 

That is why I always treat everyone at CUNY with the absolute utmost respect at all times. That is regardless of what is going on. 

I don’t care if someone at CUNY pours a can of paint on my head, punches me in the face, and snaps my laptop in half. I will walk away without saying a word and report it to the Manhattan District Attorney or NYPD. 

I never bring up a word about anything going on in my life with anyone at CUNY besides the Dean via email. 

I never partake in any controversial conversations at CUNY. 

I never socialize with anyone, female or male, at CUNY. When I’m at CUNY I only talk about school. I never talk about anything else. 

I would not ever hit on or try to date any woman at CUNY. After what the NYPD and NYC law enforcement has put me through with women I can’t imagine ever dating again. 

If I do every date again, the only thing I know for sure is that it’s won’t be any woman connected with CUNY.

Now let’s get to the negativity. 

People I know are paying the NYPD and other New York City law enforcement to try and get me kicked out of CUNY right now today. 

Right now on January 24, 2022, my phone number is blocked from calling NYPD headquarters, NYPD Internal Affairs, all the NYPD Precincts. 

The New York FBI blocked my phone number. 

The US Attorney Southern District Blocked my phone number. 

The Civilian Complaint Review Board has not helped me at all. 

The Manhattan Borough President’s office hasn’t helped me at all. 

The New York City Public Advocates office hasn’t helped me at all. 

In the last ninety days, I have had my cell phone stolen 4 separate times in Midtown Manhattan. 

The NYPD told me they made police reports for three of the phones, the NYPD 1 Precinct refused to give me a police report for the fourth phone.

The following are the strategies that NYC law enforcement is using right now and in the past ninety days to get me kicked out of Baruch College. 

The NYPD is blocking me from taking courses I need to graduate at CUNY. The NYPD just goes to whoever is in charge of schedules and takes away certain classes I need to graduate and/or the NYPD has members of their student team fill up the classes I need before I’m able to sign up for the classes. 

The NYPD has it set up at CUNY where their student team can sign up for classes before any other students are allowed to sign up. 

There are several CUNY staff, CUNY professors, and CUNY students helping NYC law enforcement try and sabotage me at CUNY. 

I’m going on the record right now and saying I don’t take it personally that CUNY staff and CUNY students are working with NYC law enforcement to sabotage me and trying to get me kicked out of school over a bunch of lies. 

NYC law enforcement harasses me every day. I can’t blame anyone for trying to avoid being abused by NYC law enforcement. 

Also, I believe that NYC law enforcement has the ability to have almost any staff member at CUNY fired if the CUNY staff member doesn’t do what NYC law enforcement tells her/him. 

Therefore if a member of the CUNY staff tried to help me, it wouldn’t accomplish anything, and she/he might end up having to sleep in a chair on the subway as I do. I can’t blame anyone for trying to avoid that fate. 

That is why I don’t have any animosity towards anyone at CUNY even the staff and students that are trying to sabotage me and get me kicked out of CUNY on behalf of NYC law enforcement. 

I never mention a word about the staff, students, and professors, trying to sabotage me at CUNY to their faces, even when it’s totally obvious. I just play along and keep quiet. 

Here are the scams NYC law enforcement is using right now and in the past ninety days to try and get me kicked out of Baruch College.

1.       NYC law enforcement will/has forced my professors to pair me up with a woman or several women in my classes at Baruch College. Then NYC law enforcement will make the woman/women and me share all our personal information. For example, full name, email, phone number, etc. 

Then NYC law enforcement will remotely access my phone or laptop or both or wait until I’m sleeping and look the woman/women from school up from my devices. 

Then NYC law enforcement will send messages to the women through social media, email, etc. that are totally inappropriate. 

I would never speak with any student, female or male, outside of school or in school unless it’s mandatory for a class. 

Anytime I have to interact with students when it’s mandatory I only talk about school and I treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times. 

NYC law enforcement has taken all the fun out of college for me. 

I’m scared to talk with anyone out of fear that NYC law enforcement is going to order the person to make up lies about what I said. 

NYC law enforcement has students, staff, and professors, that they are connected with cut me off, crash into me, and hold their phones in my face like they are under attack when I’m minding my own business carefully walking through the halls. 

I respectfully keep to myself in regards to students at my college. I’m a people person. I enjoy meeting people. Under the circumstances, I find it best to keep to myself at Baruch College. 

If you look at my social media, several posts say that NYC law enforcement will not stop harassing me please help. 

I don’t think it would be appropriate to speak with students, professors, staff, or anyone at CUNY / Baruch College about NYC law enforcement harassing me. 

I’m definitely not trying to meet or date any women at CUNY or anywhere for that matter at this time. 

2.       NYC law enforcement will have a professor assign some type of out loud reading in front of the whole class. The reading will get me to say some crazy things that I would never say that are totally inappropriate. For example, NYC law enforcement likes to use racist material in these types of circumstances. NYC law enforcement also likes to try and get me to say things about conspiracy theories.  

It’s already happened and I respectfully declined. Now NYC law enforcement is forcing me into situations where I have to follow their instructions. 

Then the professor will say she/he never assigned me to say the crazy things they made me say. The whole entire class, professor, everyone will say they are terrified of me, and no one is coming back to school until I’m gone.

3.       NYC law enforcement will have students, staff, and professors crash into me, cut me off, and shove their phones in my face, on and off-campus. Then the students will say Mark Pine is stalking the person, picking fights with the person, Mark Pine is a menace, etc.

4.       NYC law enforcement will have a professor talk about a controversial topic. Then NYC law enforcement will get the professor and the whole class to lie and say Mark Pine had some type of outburst in class. 

Then NYC law enforcement will edit some of the audio of me reporting NYC law enforcement on the phone while NYC law enforcement was harassing me and say the audio was directed towards students, staff, and professors at Baruch College CUNY. 

5. NYC law enforcement has several hundreds of hours of audio of me complaining about them on various government agencies’ voicemails. 

NYC law enforcement can and has easily edited the audio and say the audio was directed towards people at CUNY / Baruch College.

If taken out of context the audio would be totally inappropriate for CUNY and this courtroom. 

For example, I have made comments on district attorneys’ and US Attornies’ voicemails that were pertinent to my ongoing battle with NYC law enforcement. The statements I left on the district attornies and US attornies voicemails would be totally inappropriate for this courtroom and CUNY.

I believe in the United States Government and New York State judicial system. 

I know we need police or we would all be dead. Still, that’s no excuse for the NYPD to take money to ruin my life. Whenever I interact with the NYPD in person I treat them with the utmost respect at all times. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

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