Opinion: Email with Baruch College about the NYPD being paid to sabotage me.


Greetings Baruch College CUNY,

Thank you for your concern. 

I never shared or mentioned my social media profile with anyone at Baruch College. Maybe someone searched my name. 

I never mention a word about the police harassing me with anyone at Baruch College. 

I treat everyone at CUNY with the utmost respect at all times.

I filed a Notice of Claim with the NYC Comptroller’s Office to sue the NYPD. I have a hearing set up by the NYC Comptroller’s Office to sue the NYPD (attached). 

After the hearing, I will efile a pro se lawsuit against the NYPD in the New York County Supreme Court. 

Thanks to CUNY I have an account with justanswer.com. For $60 per month, I can ask attorneys unlimited questions.

Justanswer.com saved me from going to jail when I was falsely arrested in Nassau County. Instead of allowing my public defender to send me to jail, I represented myself with attorneys consulting me on justanswer.com. 

Also, I think the judge was impressed and surprised when I requested a bench trial instead of a jury trial. The DA and Police weren’t expecting that move. I could tell they wanted the jury.

I trust a judge more than I trust a jury. A lot of people think they have a better chance with a jury than a judge, I side with the judge. 

I’m also in contact with the NYC Public Advocate’s Office, Manhattan Borough President’s Office, NYPD Internal Affairs, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the New York City Department of Investigation, and many others.

I’m contacting organizations and agencies outside of CUNY for help with the NYPD harassing me. 

I’ll gladly do anything you request. I have the utmost respect for you. You and your staff are as good as it gets. Baruch College is amazing. I’m going to go from homeless to an apartment because of Baruch College one day. 

When I see the occasional person complain about Baruch College on Yelp or Google Reviews, I say to myself, what more could Baruch College possibly be doing for us students? 

I have been provided the best support since the day I started at LaGuardia Community College and the stellar support has continued at Baruch College. 

I love Baruch College. It’s a privilege to attend Baruch College. That is why I’m walking on eggshells at Baruch College at all times. 

If you want to have a phone call about me looking for help outside of CUNY because the police are harassing me of course I’ll speak with you anytime that is convenient for you. I just want to let you know that I don’t have anything I would like to share besides answering your questions. 

I will gladly and respectfully answer any questions you have for me although there is no new ground that we are going to cover. You know my story inside and out at this point in time. You know my story better than most of my family and the people I grew up with. 

All my professors are amazing. I love my classes. I have a 3.875 GPA. I’m a 10X better student than when I started. 

I’m about to receive $4,000 in my bank account as a student loan refund. Life is great compared to before I started at CUNY. I have laptops, phones, clothes, places to shower, etc. 

I’m used to the police harassing me at this point. I’m doing everything I can to legally get them to stop. 

I’m making the best of the situation and trying to elevate my situation every day. There is nothing new that is happening that hasn’t been covered in the emails I’ve sent you months ago about my living situation and being harassed by the police.  

Please let me know when you would like to speak. Friday would be best because I don’t have classes that day. 

Hopefully, in the future, I would prefer to discuss with you how I’m sharing the study strategies I’m learning at Baruch College with students all over the city and helping them succeed at school. For example, obtaining coursework months and years before taking the classes and starting to study for classes before they begin. I believe there is a huge number of parents and students that would utilize that idea if they heard it. I’m going to try and share it with them. My goal in life is to have a positive impact on society and be successful.

If you want to skip the call we can do that too because we have already gone over everything that is on my social media about the police trying to sabotage me. I actually feel bad because if anything I’ve taken up too much of your time for one student. Moving forward when I’m interacting with you, I would prefer for it to be about positivity, how much I appreciate attending Baruch College, and how I found a home. 

Please advise. 

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine

Disclaimers: If you have an emergency call 911. I’m not a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. Verify everything yourself. This is my opinion.

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