Opinion: Respectful email to Baruch College about me suing them without an attorney.


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Greetings Baruch College,

I always and will continue to treat everyone at Baruch College with the utmost respect at all times. I don’t care if someone pours a can of paint on my head, I will not get into a negative conversation with anyone at CUNY Baruch College under any circumstances. That includes staff, professors, security guards, maintenance, and students. 

Treating people respectfully is more important than anything. I never participate in controversial conversations at Baruch College. I love Baruch College, LaGuardia Community College, and The City University of New York.

With that being said I’m about to file a lawsuit against The City University of New York / Baruch College. I’d rather not get into the details here, I’d prefer to save the details for the court documents. 

You very kindly and politely told me it would be best if I only contact you instead of reaching out to others at Baruch College.
I 100% followed your instructions and will continue to without exception.  

I’m figuring out the legal process for serving legal documents. One thing I did read on the New York State Court of Claims website is that I have to hire someone to serve the paperwork for the lawsuit directly to CUNY.

Please let me know if it is OK with you for me to have the documents served directly or if there is another way you would like for me to handle it. 

More important than anything, I’m going to follow your rules and the rules of Baruch College / CUNY and stay in good standing with the college. The whole point of the lawsuit at its core is to stay in good standing with Baruch College CUNY. 

I should have more information in the next week or two because I’m not 100% sure that is where the legal documents are supposed to go. When I find out for sure I will follow up with you. 

I have absolutely no animosity towards Baruch College or CUNY at all. I’m merely trying to protect and defend myself. 

Please advise if it’s OK to serve the CUNY legal office or if there is another way you would like for me to proceed. I guarantee you I will treat them as respectfully as I treat you and everyone at Baruch College. 

Regardless of what the process is, I will keep you updated and make sure to clear everything with you first unless you tell me differently. 

Thank you very much for all the consideration and support the whole time I’ve been at Baruch College. 

As I mentioned to you a few weeks ago I bought the textbook for a Spanish class that doesn’t start for about 3 or more weeks. I have been studying every day. 

I can not tell you the advantage it’s going to give me to succeed in the class. I’m also using an app called quizlet.com to help me memorize the material.

I’m also about to start studying for math and science even though I’m not taking those classes for another semester. 

The reason I transferred from Laguardia Community College before I graduated was so I could focus on graduating from a four-year school. My plan is working and I’m working diligently towards my degree. 

Lastly, as usual, I’m not mentioning a word about this lawsuit and the police harassing me to anyone at Baruch College besides you under any circumstances. 

I keep to myself in regards to students. 

Anytime I interact with anyone at Baruch College including students, staff, professors, security, maintenance, etc. all I do is talk about school and be very professional. I act like I’m on a job interview with the New York State Attorney General’s Office with everyone I interact with at Baruch College / CUNY. 

I’m making the best of it like always, although, NYC law enforcement has taken all the fun out of Baruch College for me. I’m scared to open my mouth at school because NYC law enforcement runs around Manhattan and tells people I interact with to say Mark Pine is rude, inconsiderate, smells, is stalking all the women, is having outbursts, etc; when in reality I treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times and shower every day. 

NYC law enforcement did everything they could to try and lock me up. When that didn’t work they switched to robbing me and trying to sabotage me everywhere I go.

I feel bad for everyone they’ve done this to and are doing this too. I would have expected more from them. Personally, I can’t believe this goes on in the United States. I wouldn’t believe it had I not experienced it firsthand. 

I have reported NYC law enforcement to hundreds of government agencies nationwide, thousands of times, yet, somehow in my spare time, according to NYC law enforcement, Mark Pine is this big problem even though after 45 years I have zero criminal record. Plus, I’ve helped a lot of people with web marketing, real estate, etc. 

NYC law enforcement is being paid by people I grew up with to abuse and sabotage me every day. For example, they broke my arm, arrested me for no reason, wrote me thousands of dollars in tickets, stole my cell phone four times in the last month, have people try and pick fights with me every day, etc. 

I’m always polite to patrol police officers. I interact with them constantly because I’m homeless and am regularly reporting that I’m being robbed. Sometimes they issue me police reports and sometimes they don’t. Regardless, I’m not trying to make a bad situation worse. Also, what are my options? I have a hearing to sue the NYPD, that’s the only productive thing I can figure out how to defend myself. 

Please advise if it’s OK for me to serve Baruch College with the legal papers in the manor the New York State Court of Claims requires. If not, please let me know an alternative that is acceptable to you. If you require any further information please let me know. 

Thank you very much for your consideration. 

Have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine 

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