Opinion: Email to Baruch College about the NYPD paying civilians to harass me.


Greetings Baruch College,

I always treat everyone at Baruch College with the utmost respect at all times. That includes staff, professors, and students. Treating people respectfully is more important than anything. I love Baruch College and The City University of New York. It’s the best opportunity ever. 

Rich people I know are paying New York City law enforcement and their civilian team to harass me. There is absolutely nothing anyone at CUNY can do to help me. 

I never mention a word of this to anyone at Baruch College. 

I never get involved in conversations about controversial topics in my classes. 

On Friday, I visited the Civilian Complaint Review Board at 100 Church Street in New York City (attached). I would like to alert Baruch College why I was there. 

Before I get started, as I stated in my last message to you, I am one thousand percent following the guidelines you laid out for me regarding the chain of command at Baruch College. 

You’re the only person I’m contacting at Baruch College and CUNY about people I know paying the NYPD and their civilian team to physically attack me, rob me, destroy my property, have teenage girls follow me around and pretend they are under attack, have women and men pick fights with me in stores, make up any lie they can to have me kicked out of Baruch College, throw dirt and garbage bags at me, etc. 

The NYPD hatched a plan to quietly have me thrown in jail in Nassau County Long Island. The Nassau County Police arrested me last year and I have been defending myself in court ever since. 

The first thing I did was respectfully alert the court that I would be representing myself. I politely told everyone, I’m passing on the public defenders. 

Next, I let everyone know that we would be having a judge or bench trial. The police and their civilian team have bragged to me that they can supply the jury in cases that are important to them. 

The evidence that the police had in my criminal case was audio of me from years ago, recorded while the police and their civilian team were physically attacking me, that ultimately sent me to the emergency room at hospitals several times.

The NYPD and their civilian team physically attacked me today. They also broke my arm and ribs. 

The NYPD and Nassau County Police edited the audio they have while attacking me into conversations. Then they called people from a phone that they bought, with the edited conversations. 

That’s what billions of dollars and not enough oversight buys.

I won the case. I still have zero criminal record at 44 years young. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t date. I don’t do anything illegal. I treat everyone respectfully. Even the people that get paid by the police to harass me. 

After what the police put me through dating is out of the question. It wouldn’t matter if I was dating women, men, etc. The NYPD would torture the person. When I’m no longer homeless, I’ll buy pets. 

Cointelpro is a series of negative coincidences. That’s US law enforcements bread and butter. For example, something negative happens to me off-campus that coincidentally involves a student, staff member, or professor from Baruch College. 

Or there is some phone call that is taken out of context. For example, the NYPD has civilians who don’t even work for the police pick up government phones and pretend they work for the police. Then they have the people try and pick fights with me on the phone. 

I had a 3.975 GPA after 36 credits at LaGuardia Community College. I was considered an honor student and was on the Dean’s List. So far I’m doing well at Baruch College and loving it.

According to the NYPD I’m smart enough to earn those grades but dumb enough to jeopardize the best opportunity for me in the city (CUNY).

I’m a New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker and I’m a web marketing professional. 

The NYPD and their civilian team immediately approach individuals who are considering doing business with me and tell them not to work with me. 

The NYPD and their civilian team have sabotaged hundreds of real estate and web marketing deals of mine on a conservative estimate. 

The NYPD and their civilian team went into overdrive harassing me since I won the criminal case. 

For example:

  1. People followed me into X store next to the Baruch College campus last Friday. They were trying to pick a fight with me, cutting me in line, the usual NYPD civilian team scams. 
  2. Individuals who work for the police followed me into a supermarket a few blocks away from campus and were cutting me in line, harassing me, shoving their hands in my face, and someone threw an unlit cigarette at me. 
  3. Next, I was walking on East 34th Street and 3rd Avenue in New York City last Friday. A teenage girl wearing spandex and a short shirt ran in front of me so I would stop video recording the city with my phone. I do video tours of New York City with my smartphone for social media. 

I stopped recording. Then in front of a store on East 34th Street and 3rd Avenue in New York City a girl wearing a very short skirt, also a teenager, started taking pictures or videos of me while acting like she was under attack. The NYPD has ambushed me like that so many times I can’t put a number on it. 

Why am I reporting this to you? It’s less than 10 blocks from Baruch College. Also, the people the NYPD are using to harass me are in their teens and twenties. College age. 

The NYPD or anyone can make up any lie about me that they want. The difference now is that I just beat a fabricated case that proves the police are trying to set me up. 

The criminal case I just won also shows the types of scams that law enforcement is using against people. 

There was no victim in my criminal case. The Nassau County Police said they were the victim.

The Nassau County Police said that when the NCPD and their civilian team were harassing me and I called to report it, the calls were illegal. 

One time police officers from the NCPD 6th Precinct met me in the street. We had a nice conversation. Eveyone was respectful to each other. 

For them to turn around and say they were a victim to me is absurd.

The criminal case was the Nassau County Police, NYPD, and the Nassau County District Attorney vs me. 

They all have almost unlimited money and resources. I have nothing. I represented myself and beat the case. 

I also stayed on top of all my schoolwork while this was going on.

There are a few public places I can charge my laptop and phone. 

One of the places I charge my devices all the time is Murray Hill Mews Public Plaza on East 37th Street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. 

I’m at the Murray Hills Mews Public Plaza 7 days a week. 

I also charge my devices in Long Island City. There is a library by the water with outdoor outlets. 

The only issue with LIC is the NYPD has so many girls who work for them harass me on the subways over there it’s ridiculous. By the time I get there, I’m ready to take a nap.

It’s doubtful that the NYPD is going to arrest me again and have me beat two cases in a row. Eventually, the press and social media are going to find out what the NYPD is doing to me. 

I’m already getting thousands of hits on the internet exposing the police for what they are doing to me. It’s only a matter of time before someone comes out of the woodwork and puts an end to the NYPD abusing me. 

Instead of arresting me, the NYPD will keep coming at me with one scam after the next. For example, I have been calling NYPD 911 dozens of times per day while the NYPD and their civilian team have been harassing me around the clock. 

I’m not mentioning this to anyone else. 

  1. A student started yelling at me for no reason at LaGuardia Community College in a classroom with a security camera. I contacted security and they said the camera was broken. Then someone went into my email that is on double verification and erased the emails. I did not react at all. I don’t care if a student punches me in the face I will not react. I’ll just email you and maybe the police. 
  2. A student was harassing me right in front of the doors at BMCC. I contacted everyone over there and no one responded. I went to the public safety office and they never followed up. I did not react at all to the student that was harassing me for no reason. 
  3. A female student grabbed me around the waist at LaGuardia in front of security cameras. I ran away. I didn’t report that one right away, because I was new at school and I was already dealing with so much drama from the police I’m used to it. 
  4. There have been other instances but I only mention the ones that are caught on video. 

I’m about to file a lawsuit against the NYPD. I’ve already gone through the process with the New York City Comptroller’s office. I had a hearing with an attorney for New York City and I approved the transcript. 

All I have to do is file the NYPD lawsuit with the court at 60 Centre Street. 

The NYPD and the people I grew up with that pay them to sabotage people are trying to get me thrown out of Baruch College. That is their number one plan right now. 

I went to the Civilian Complaint review board yesterday. The CCRB investigator told me she would refer my case to NYPD Internal Affairs. I have been in contact with NYPD Internal Affairs since 2015. They are not helping me at all.  

The main point of this email is that the NYPD has teenagers harassing me within blocks of Baruch College. 

The NYPD has billions of dollars a year to play with. This is one of the ways they spend the money. 

This is why I keep to myself at school. I treat all staff and professors with the utmost respect at all times. I keep to myself in regards to students. 

The times I have interacted with students I was respectful and concise. I don’t get into any personal conversations with students or anyone at school. 

I used to work at the library at LaGuardia Community College. I would help students print their homework to give to their professors. 

I have the utmost respect for the job you are doing at Baruch College. 

I have the utmost respect for everyone at Baruch College including staff, professors, students, etc. 

I’m walking on eggshells until I have enough money where the police can’t just wipe the floor with me every day and I can legally sue and expose them for what they are doing to me and many others.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine 

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