Letter to the Nassau County District Attorney about the Police impersonating me.


Greetings Nassau County District Attorney,

Case number: CR-017143-20NA

First and foremost I treat everyone involved with this case/trial with the utmost respect at all times. I understand that everyone is doing their job. That includes everyone at the Nassau County District Attorneys’ office, the pretrial officer, the clerk’s office, etc. 

I’m going to make this quick because I have to be up early for court tomorrow. The NYPD and their civilian team have been harassing me, destroying my property, etc. as usual. 

The New York FBI blocked my phone number. Every NYPD Precinct blocked my phone number. It’s still blocked right now. I still call NYPD 911 all the time when the NYPD and their civilian team are harassing me. 

NYPD Internal Affairs and NYPD Police Headquarters both blocked my phone number too. I was just walking in New York City and I called NYPD Internal Affairs and it started ringing. I said that’s interesting, NYPD Internal Affairs unblocked my phone number. 

Then I called the New York FBI and my phone number is still blocked. Then I called the NYPD 13 Precinct (the precinct for my college) and my number is still blocked. 

Then I called NYPD Headquarters and they unblocked my phone number. I spoke with a man who sounded like he was in his 20’s to 40’s twice. After I called him I realized I better stop calling NYPD Headquarters because it seems a little strange that all of a sudden they would unblock my number. 

I have not called Nassau County 911 since about five days before my arrest. I have not called Nassau County Police Headquarters since about five days before my arrest. I’m never calling either of those numbers again. 

Nassau County Police Precinct 6 told me to stop calling Nassau County 911 and Nassau County Police Headquarters about five days before my arrest and I haven’t called since. 

I’m doing amazing at Baruch College / The City University of New York. I’m also working diligently on my case. I signed up for a service where I can ask attorneys questions and they have been guiding me. 

The NYPD, NCPD, and their civilian team go into all my email accounts and social media accounts and sabotage them. It doesn’t matter if the accounts are on double verification. I’m homeless. They destroy my property all the time when I’m sleeping. I have receipts to prove it, that I will be using as exhibits/evidence in court. 

The NYPD and NCPD are very desperate with this case because I exposed them very badly on the internet and they know I’m a journalism student and I’m going to continue to expose police corruption. They also know I’m about to submit some exhibits/evidence that is going to make them look horrible. 

The attorney I spoke with today said that because I don’t have a prior criminal record there is a good chance I’m not going to have to serve jail time. Regardless if I do or not I’m concerned the police NYPD or NCPD are thinking about taking my phone and calling the Nassau County Police to get me in trouble. 

The NCPD already lied and said I called them with two phones when I only have one phone. That’s a lie that is going to be easy to expose. Regardless, I’m homeless and I sleep during the day and night in parks, on benches, etc. It’s a piece of cake for the police to take my phone for a few minutes. I’m 44, I love to take naps. 

Calling Nassau County Police Headquarters or Nassau County 911 would be the dumbest thing on the face of the earth that I would never do. As soon as this case is over I’m going to sue the Nassau County Police. I don’t need to call them and go to jail. I’m going to sue them and expose them legally. 

If the NYPD, NCPD, or their civilian team call Nassau County Police Headquarters from my phone when I’m sleeping during the day or night please turn the information over to Nassau County Internal Affairs. NCPD Internal Affairs of course know who I am from conversations I’ve had with them before I was arrested. Please let them know that the police are calling themselves with my phone to get me in trouble. 

Also, I’ll turn the information over to NYPD Internal Affairs. 

I have a 3.95 GPA at college. I’m not throwing my life away to call the Nassau County Police Headquarters. The Nassau County Police arrested me. I’m never going to put myself in a position that would give them an excuse to arrest me again. I’m never calling them again. 

I’m sending this email to dozens of government agencies right now because I have seen how corrupt the NYPD and NCPD are and I know they can care less about the law when it comes to setting people up. 

NYPD Headquarter unblocked my phone number: 

New York FBI blocked my phone number: 

NYPD 13 Precinct blocked my phone number: 

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