The NYPD wants to murder me with drugs. I don’t use drugs or alcohol.

I popped my shoulder out of the socket. The doctors popped it back in. The NYPD (police) was begging the doctors to give me a needle. I said I don’t want a needle.

Then after the doctors popped my shoulder back in I asked for an Advil. They asked if I wanted seriously strong medication. I said no. They wrote a prescription anyway and said don’t pick it up from the pharmacy. I said please take it out of my name. I have no idea what happened.

The NYPD (police) are looking for any excuse to get rid of me. More later.

I’m not taking any of these meds. They asked me if I wanted them and I said no. They sent the prescription to the pharmacy anyway. The hospital said just don’t pick it up. The NYPD (police) will pick it up and say I did. That’s what the police does. Kill people.
I don’t drink or do drugs.

Use this information at your own risk. I’m not a doctor. Call a doctor or 911 if you require assistance.

By Mark Pine

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