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Opinion: The NYPD want to murder me with drugs. I don’t use drugs or alcohol.

I popped my shoulder out of the socket. The doctors popped it back in.

The NYPD (police) was begging the doctors to give me a needle to stop the pain. I said I don’t want a needle.

Then after the doctors popped my shoulder back in I asked for an Advil.

They asked if I wanted seriously strong medication. I said no.

They wrote a prescription anyway and said don’t pick it up from the pharmacy. I said please take it out of my name. I have no idea what they ultimatley did.

The NYPD (police) are looking for any excuse to get rid of me. More later.

I don’t drink or do drugs.

Use this information at your own risk. I’m not a doctor. Call a doctor or 911 if you require assistance.

By Mark Pine

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