Opinion: The police and their civilian team are cutting my arms while I’m sleeping.


People I know pay the police to kill people, set people up, tamper with people’s food, etc. 

They don’t care who I tell, they have zero oversight. Internal affairs is a complete scam. 

People I know paid the police to steal my money. They also run around and tell people not to deal with me. 

There are hundreds or thousands of people who know this is going on. There is nothing anyone can do to help me. It’s standard practice with law enforcement. 

If you Google cointelpro or search cointelpro on Wikipedia that’s what I’m dealing with. 

I have been homeless for about five years. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I’m a full-time student at Baruch College. 

The police use incapacitating agents on me while I’m sleeping and then operate on me. 

They rip my teeth out. They break my teeth. They also cut my arms and hands while I’m sleeping. 

I have never woken up while they do it. 

In addition to knocking me out with incapacitating agents and cutting me, the police have drug addicts and drug dealers who work for them follow me around all day long. 

The drug addicts and drug dealers who work for the police pretend they are handing me things and pose for pictures and videos around me. 

This article is dedicated to all the innocent people who have been killed by police around the world. 

This article is also dedicated to all the innocent people who are locked up right now. 

The government has unlimited money to investigate anything they want. The government also can fabricate evidence, destroy evidence, and erase evidence. 

Unless you have a lot of money, in my humble opinion, it’s a nightmare navigating the court system. 

This is my opinion. I’m not an attorney. Use this information at your own risk. Verify everything yourself. If you have an emergency call 911. 

The police (NYPD, NCPD, etc.) also have young girls follow me around and pretend they are scared. 

The police have young girls crash into me. Shove their phones in my face. Run in front of me and start bending over trying to get me to look at them. Plus a lot more. 

The police also has their civilian team try and pick fights with me constantly. I have seen the exact same scams in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and other states. I have contacted several government agencies and none of them have helped me at all.

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Mark Pine

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