My new email signature at Baruch College CUNY.


This email signature is dedicated to all the victims of NYPD Alberto Randazzo. 

This message is for government officials and private organizations I contact about a situation I’m about to detail. 

This email signature is not for anyone at CUNY. I never bring up anything mentioned in this email with anyone at CUNY besides the Title 9 Coordinator, the CUNY General Counsel, and Chancellor via email. 

I don’t believe it’s appropriate to discuss any of this with anyone at school, although it must be included. Recently several emails were erased from my LaGuardia Community College email account. 

This time I’m going to include this information in every email signature so the same people can erase every email and say I never sent one email the whole time I’m at Baruch College. 

I treat everyone at CUNY with the utmost respect at all times. Including staff, professors, and students. Treating people respectfully is more important than anything. 

I’m professional, concise, respectful, and serious. I do not get into anything about anyone’s personal life at CUNY. 

I grew up around major money in New York City, Nassau County, South Florida, and the Hamptons. People I know have been paying New York law enforcement to run scams for decades.

Long story short, they told New York law enforcement (NYPD, NCPD, SCPD, etc.) to tear me to shreds. 

I’m not going to keep quiet while people I grew up with and New York law enforcement devise one scam after the next to try and have me kicked out of college. I’m not going to keep quiet while rich people I grew up with are having brunch in Palm Beach and Amagansett while paying the police to have me tossed out of school. 

People don’t realize why some victims take years to report the crimes. The reason is that most, not all, of the police can care less. Also, when you report crime people are too busy with their own issues, and sometimes when you report a crime you lose more than you already lost. 

It’s really not a joke but I will make a small joke and say that New York law enforcement offers an amazing value for the dollar. The members of New York law enforcement and their civilian team who harass me should focus their energy on something positive because they are very talented. They harass me in ways that a regular person would not believe unless they say a video of it.

New York law enforcement has people try and pick fights with me, they had girls try to befriend me, they destroy my property, attack me, etc. 

I have been put on notice that New York law enforcement will be sparing no expense or resource to have me kicked out of school. 

When New York law enforcement harasses me, I take my headphones out of my ears and call NYPD 911 over and over until they stop harassing me.

The NYPD 911 operators all know me. I know they aren’t helping me. My thought process is at least it’s documented that I called. I shared my phone records with the Chancellor and CUNY General Councils’ office. 

I used to argue with the NYPD and NYPD 911 operators on the phone. I’m always polite to New York law enforcement in person. 

I have been notified that New York law enforcement is going to take the audio of me arguing with them and use it out of context which is their specialty. They are going to say the audio of arguments between New York law enforcement and me was directed at professors, staff, or students at CUNY. 

New York law enforcement also let me know that they will have multiple students say I was stalking them and trying to pick fights with people. 

New York law enforcement already has people crash into me, cut me off, and many other scams/ambushes while it’s being recorded. Especially when I’m in Manhattan and Queens. 

New York law enforcement also goes into all my social media and email accounts and sabotages them, erases emails, sends messages, and pretends it’s me. 

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t do anything illegal. I don’t have a criminal record. 

I am a New York State licensed real estate broker. I also provide web marketing services for companies. 

About five years ago New York law enforcement chased away the majority of my web marketing clients and I’ve been homeless ever since. 

I have places to shower. I have a place to keep clean clothes. I sleep on subways and buses. I like to sleep on the 7 train. 

When I used to be busy as a real estate broker I helped so many people find apartments without charging them that I lost count. 

When I was active with web marketing I helped so many people without charging them I lost count. 

I’ll take my last bite of food and throw it to a bird when I’m walking around. 

That’s the type of person I am. 

I’m not saying all of New York law enforcement are criminals. I’m saying a fraction of 1% of them are and that is who is harassing me. 

I’m in the process of suing the NYPD and NCPD. I have contacted hundreds of government offices and agencies and I’m contacting more. I’m going through all the proper channels and it’s going to work out. 

Again, I’m not going to keep quiet while millionaires I grew up with pay police to sabotage me. They already took enough from me. 

I love college and I want to graduate. After 36 credits at CUNY, I have a 3.975 GPA. That’s studying and doing my homework on the subway steps while living on $12 per day. 

I used to enjoy dating. Now my face looks like a piece of spoiled roast beef and I’m missing teeth. 

Moreover, if a woman offered me $10,000,000 to hold her hand for 30 seconds, I wouldn’t do it because the police have me living so cautiously I’d think it was a setup. 

NYPD Internal Affairs and the CCRB have not helped me at all. 

Thank you, and have a great day. 

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Mark Pine

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