Email to The City University of New York Public Safety Headquarters about the NYPD trying to have me kicked out of Baruch College.


Greetings Public Safety,

First and foremost, I treat everyone at The City University of New York with the utmost respect at all times. That is more important than anything.

Regardless if I get my way or not, I treat all staff, professors, and students with the utmost respect at all times. I think everyone at CUNY is doing a great job including you. 

Rich people I grew up with in New York pay the police NYPD to harass me beyond belief. I have to be careful naming names because I can be sued for defamation, slander, and libel. 

I remember a little while back reading about a man who was abusing women. Mainstream news websites said he was hiring former police and military to tear the women to shreds. 

That is exactly what I’m dealing with. I grew up around major money in New York City, Long Island, and the Hamptons. The people I grew up with are just as connected and evil as any of the abusers/predators you have read about in the news.

No one at The City University of New York has any ability to help with the police harassing me. That is unless we can have someone interview me about how the police harass me and put it on the CUNY YouTube channel. Then have the public relations team send out a press release. 

I filed a Notice of Claim to sue the NYPD and the Nassau County Police. They aren’t very happy about it. 

I’m not mad at the police. I don’t take it personally. I estimate a fraction of 1% of police are criminals. The majority of police are good people. I have no issue with any law enforcement when I interact with them in person. I’m always friendly. 

I respectfully asked my professors at Baruch College to be excused from having to interact with students. For example, I do not want to get on unsupervised or supervised Zoom calls with students. 

All the Baruch College professors said it’s mandatory for me to get into pairs and small unsupervised Zoom calls with students. I respect their decision and I’m not going to ask them again. I will treat the students professionally and respectfully as I do everyone at CUNY. 

I tried going over the professor’s heads and I contacted the Chancellor’s office, the Title 9 Coordinators, and several other CUNY staff. They all said no or didn’t respond. Again, I’m 44 years old. I can handle a no. I love The City University of New York. This doesn’t change anything. 

With the number of disasters between New York college students and New York college students and professors including CUNY, I don’t understand why it’s not optional to get on unsupervised Zoom calls with students. See links from mainstream news websites backing up my claims below. 

That is why I also filed a Notice of Claim with the New York City Comptroller’s Office to sue Baruch College. There is no animosity attached to the Notice of Claim. The lawsuit is so I don’t have to break into groups and pairs with students. 

With the number of disasters at The City University of New York and other New York colleges, I can not believe that students are being forced to get on the phone with each other. 

The City University of New York is unable to place teachers in classrooms without having to pay attorneys to defend accusations and lawsuits from students who say they are being mistreated and abused. 

Will CUNY pay attorneys for me if a student or students make baseless claims against me? Or will I be on my own after being forced onto private unsupervised phone and video calls with students?

Why would I possibly want to be on the phone with students when there are thousands of complaints being lodged against students from other students every year at New York colleges? 

I have a 3.975 GPA after 12 classes. That’s a lot of focus and studying. It’s not fair to ask me to spend 24/7 studying and then I have to walk on eggshells and pray that a student(s) that I’m on the phone with doesn’t like me for some reason. Or makes up a lie about me. 

I have had several students harass me for no reason. I don’t know who they are. I reported it and nothing happened. I did not react to the students at all. I ignored them. The thought of getting on my phone with students after that seems like insanity. 

Back to the police. 99.9% of police are great people. 0.1% of police are some of the biggest criminals in the city. For example, NYPD Alberto Randazzo. 

I have been dealing with the police for years. I’m thinking to myself how could they get me kicked out of school? The NYPD has audio of me arguing with them that I know for a fact they are eager to use out of context. Moreover, the NYPD would love to use the interactions between me and students as a jump off point for their scams. Hash tag #fact. 

I’m walking on eggshells because the police and their civilian team will not stop harassing me. The police have their civilian team try and pick fights with me all the time. They had a bunch of girls try and hook up with me. They have people blow weed smoke in my face when I’m trying to study. 

The police sabotaged my web marketing clients and now I have been homeless for five years. Again, I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t have a criminal record. I have a 3.9 GPA with all this going on. I’m going to study 24/7 to try and earn a 3.5 or better in my first semester at Baruch College. 

I’m a people person. I love people. As an intelligent human being, there have been too many disasters between students for me to feel comfortable getting on my phone with students.

I’ll do it if I have no choice. That is why I’m trying to cover myself and create a paper trail right now. Even though the police will erase all these emails anyway like they just did from my LaGuardia Community College email account. 

I used to enjoy dating women. After what I’ve been through with the police I wouldn’t consider dating for a long time. I’m homeless. If a woman offered me $10,000,000 to hold her hand for 1 minute I wouldn’t do it after what the NYPD is putting me through. The police who run scams are not out here playing games. They are running people into the ground. 

I have the utmost respect for everyone who works at Baruch College and CUNY including the public safety officers. The public safety office has no way of helping me with this situation. I’m just trying to cover myself. 

Thank you for the information. 

Have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

I always treat everyone with the utmost respect. Treating people respectfully is more important than anything. I love The City University of New York.

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